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Information is misleading to tour groups.

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Published: 27 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Flyin Hawaiian Zipline shows unfriendly and unpleasant attitude toward tour groups and lacks the services for customers. The guides are not knowledgeable, and I felt insecure on the trip. It was my first visit and I didn’t know what to do. They made the least effort to take us on the trip. The beautiful views of Maui Mountains are not to be missed. It is a horrible experience to go on a trip with tour guides who don’t know much of the area.

The tour guides don’t share their knowledge confidently with the group and I felt insecure on the tour with Flyin Hawaiian Zipline.

Tour guides were not interested to show us most of the spots of where to eat and relax. They were not fun and not knowledgeable. I noticed the less confident tour guides and it was not a friendly trip. I won’t zip with Flyin Hawaiian Zipline and is not worth my time or money.

The climbing was not steady and with unfriendly tour guides, I did not want to go further into our trip.

Flyin Hawaiian Zipline, do not show professionalism in their daily trips, and tour guides are not up for the action and adventure. It scared me to have tour guides who couldn’t help with any information. The islands are a lovely site but not when tour guides are only thinking of themselves.

I felt unsafe with Flyin Hawaiian Zipline and will not use this company again and did a bit of zipping around and got to know the islands. I hiked from one platform to another with a less confident feeling from unfriendly tour guides.

The trip was not worth it and was expensive. Tour guides were not known for what we had paid Flyin Hawaiian Zipline, and a five-hour trip with unfriendly tour guides disappointed me.

There are many rules to abide by and I did not feel right for such an adventurous trip with Flyin Hawaiian Zipline. Long drives did not feel safe. Tour guides lack everything good that is needed for a trip with Flyin Hawaiian Zipline. The zipping area was not interesting.

The trip was booked in advance and the expensive rates change people’s minds from going there. I did not find the trip exciting nor safe. It is a tough decision to put my life in somebody else’s hands and that is not what I had in mind.

Tour guides are up to no good for quality, knowledge, and customer’s service. I will not recommend Flyin Hawaiian Zipline for the bad start of my trip.

The company doesn’t prioritize customer care and failed to recommend professional tour guides.

They failed to mention we won’t be able to zip through the rain forest. I saw trees but no rain forest.

Long waits destroyed the moment of excitement to go zipping with Flyin Hawaiian Zipline.

The experience was unpleasant, and the dust roads did not make my experience a happy one. The expensive trip is not worth paying for and I regret doing that. I don’t recommend Flyin Hawaiian Zipline for the lack of communication skills and poor management.

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