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Published: 17 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This company offered to help me stating that they were part of a government program that helps people keep lower mortgage payments for people unfairly treated by their mortgage lenders. They told me to quit sending payments to my current mortgage holder and start making payments to them and that they would contact my lender to notify them of their involvement. I was told that I was not to contact the lender in any way as they would try scare tactics to make me pay them. I just recently got a certified letter on the 12th stating that my house was going into foreclosure on the 24th. That is when I realized I had been scammed. I contacted my original lender and they said house is going to be sold and there is nothing I can do. I lose my home in 30 days from the info I have been told and that crooked lyying company has stolen 6 months worth of my mortgage payments. They no longer respond to me now that my house is in foreclosure. Why do companies screw innocent people out of their home and money with no regard to who it hurts. I am going to be homeless soon along with my boyfriend, daughter and two cats. Lender will not work with me to help either.

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