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Published: 17 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Dear Lynda, The point is you havent returned the parcel to us, how can we make sure you’ll return the original ones after you get the new parcel Plus, used one cannot be returned, you can return the unused one, if you make sure you want to return the unused one, our 20% compensation will go down to 10% and also 15% off for your new order will go down to 10% off since 15% is part of compensation for not returning. Thank you! My email: I WANT WHAT I PAID FOR! I paid for 200 extensions that were supposed to be ALL strands of hair in each extension too be 18″ long and the clasps should not break apart when squeezing them. I am not giving your company a penny more. You did not deliver the product I paid for. Originally I did agree to 20% until I showed this product to an expert and they said I got “RIPPED OFF”. If you look at the attached picture of the one packet I did not open till now. You can clearly see that all the strands are not 18″ long that you would actually have to trim at least 5″ off of each strand to make them look good because the ends are so thin due to all the hair NOT being 18″ long which is what your site said they would be. I paid for extensions that ALL strands should be EIGHTEEN INCHES LONG, NOT all different lengths of hair on each strand. I should take the strands and have them weighed since everything else was wrong the weight of each strand is more than likely not right either. $175.97 is how much .08g should be verses .05g $109.90 is the price I paid for .05g (Pretty sure if I had a scale they would not weight this) The difference is $66.07 not $127.59 I want you to send me a sample of what you will be sending me before I send your company another penny. I will send you the remainder or the extensions I have back. For the inconvience you should wave the $66.07 since you offered a product online that did not match the product I received which is false advertising. Them: Dear Lynda, First, we would like to say sorry for the product. Second, you have agreed to accept 20% compensation and we also offered you 15% off for your next order. I think this is totally enough for the compensation and we have showed our sincerity while you don’t. It’s not possible to send you 0.8g/s with a 0.5g/s price. If you really need 0.8g/s hair extensions, you have to add money, or we can do nothing. 🙁 The word “fraud” is rude! We have been trying very hard and patient to compensate you for these days but now we are disappointed. If you cannot accept the compensation, please go ahead with the legal way you think. Me: You are not understanding. You did not deliver the original product as described on your site. The product I received is unusable and not what you stated on your site which is fraudulent. You can either send me the product I ordered as described below or you leave me no choice but to forward these emails and pictures and the actual product I revived to the proper agency’s who deal with internet sales fraud. I can send you all the emails regarding this but it just keeps going back and forth.

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