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Published: 25 September 2018

Posted by: Maurice Kaine Johnson

Follow me trading is the biggest scam and their $1 trial is not free!!! You will be charged regardless so don’t give them your details and save your money! I know 16 other people including myself who are going to be taking action against FMT and exposing them as the scamming con artists they are. This company rings you up out of the blue, pressures you into doing a verbal agreement to do a free day trial and then when you tell them you are not interested in their service (because it sounds like gambling), they try to charge you $2300 for it using excuses such as, you have broken the contract by not completing the free trial when it was them in fact that did not complete the trial because they were too busy trying to convince me that their strategies are not gambling when they are actually regulated under the gambling association which they denied by the way. Then when that tactic didn’t work, they accused me of lying because they reckon I told them that I had access to $30k in liquidated funds when in fact I told them specifically that i only had access to $30k through equity which needed another signatury because i was only part owner of the property. They also intitially told me it was only gonna cost $12k start up and then went up to $30k startup. Regardless of this, by the end of day 2 of the trial I wasn’t interested in what they had to offer but agreed to complete the trial because I was obligated via this verbal contract. Before I started the trial I was very clear about what i actually agreed to at the beginning because they told me that I was being recorded. As soon as I heard the verbal agreement they played over the phone, I didn’t like what I was hearing so I told them that I didn’t agree to what they stated but I verbalised on the audio that I would agree to a 3 day trial and if I didn’t think that was the best investment strategy for me then I could pull out under no obligation, which they agreed to. On day 3 of the trial the guy rang me in the morning and instead of placing bids he spent the whole time trying to convince me this strategy was not gambling again. In the end he didn’t ring me in the evening like he was supposed to in order to fulfill his end of the contract, however he probably thought it was a waste of time so he didn’t ring which means he voided the contract anyway After all this they tried to get my Credit card details off me after that for only $1 trial fees then pay $27 per month on going for the rest of my life. 🙂 Since then over the past 2 months I have had these guys threaten to take me to the creditors. I then had d&b creditors threaten to take me to court and give me bad credit the end the creditors gave up and 2 days ago I had follow me trading litigation call me and threaten me with court. Their litigation officer is called maurice law (how ironic) and he was another one who liked talking over the top of you and not giving a crap what you had to say. I told them to go right ahead and take me to court and to listen to the recording and get their facts straight because I know what I did and did not agree to and don’t like to have words put in my mouth. I have requested for them to send me a copy of my audio recording and haven’t heard from them since. I have not paid this company a single cent and I suggest you don’t either. The accc state that all contracts are entitled to a 10 day cooling off period regardless of the circumstances, so clearly what they are doing is wrong. If you have been scammed by these guys and would like to take joining group legal action against them then please contact me. I also urge you to report Follow Me Trading to ASIC and ACCC as well as fair trading. Good luck

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