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Published: 08 October 2019

Posted by: Cupcakes disaster

1 month in advance I placed my order for my 96 cupcakes. Disappointed when I only received half of my order and the wrong kind! Never received a call from the bakery why I was only getting half my order and why they changed it. Lady behind the counter says do you want me to call the manager? Yes! Please! As she calling the barkey manager cell phone she ignored calls and she said this is mistake! They advise assist manager and aploplozied still kept trying to get ahold of the. Bakery manager to explain why I only received half my order and a different favor! Then the store manager robert comes over and says what the problem. I told him that not only did I place my order 1 month in advance a week before I double checked my and even called 2 days before my pick up day to double on my order and they bakey manager confirmed over the phone and in person last week my order will be ready at the time I requested. And now I only have have 48 cupcakes and a different color and favor! He answer to me was “well I can”t do nothing about it you need to come back tomorrow and talk to the barkey manager or pick out other cupcakes and I will give you a discount”. Then tell the assist manager stop calling the barkey manager I already took careof it of the problem! I proceeded to tell him as a loyal customer for 17 years! Always ordering my cupcakes here i”m not satisfied. With half my order and the wrong favor and my party tomorrow out of town and you want me to change my plans just to receive an explanation. He then told oh well pick other cupcakes and come back tomorrow and take it up with the barkey manager. Meanwhile I told the assist manager you have to make this right. He finds a cashier who use to be in the bakery makes my cupcakes. Please just wait 20 minutes to make you some cupcakes you would like. While he helps get everything she needed to make my cupcakes. 45 minutes later I received my cupcakes but not the same color, flavor or swirls but I had 96 cupcakes. Meanwhile assist manager tells me thanks for waiting and dont forget about your discount and sorry he could not give me an explanation. I went in line to pay when I tell the cashier your manager said to call him for my discount for receiving the wrong cupcakes. He comes over and says i”m not giving you a discount I told you to come back tomorrow and talk to the bakery manager. So if I picked out other cupcakes you said you going to give me a discount you lied to me and provided no solution! I was shaking my head no and said no that”s your job! If your wife family member friend placed a cupcake order you would not treat them like this! You make sure they what they ordered was correct and be correctes and they would be upset if she only received half her order different flavor and now half. Are different color! Then says “I already give you a solution to take it up the barkey manager!” I told him as a manager robert you know nothing about customer service! His response “I know” and then as he was walking away I told him his manager skills sucked and he said “I know i”ve only been doing this for a couple months!” rudeley walks away! Not to mention other customers around. He my experience horrible and embarrassing! Even the customer said where saying what a [censored]! That”s unprofessional! The sweet cashier lady looks at my paper order and see its wrong! This is not right at all! She then asked me what happened. I told her and let know i”m going to sumit a complain about him! She continue to apologized and say that”s not right! And tells me I cant say anything to him he is the manager of all of us. I told her he does not need to be the manager of nobody if he doesn”t know his basic customer skills and manager skills! She tells i”m going to charge for the correct order because its not right! She kept looking over her shoulder and no I don”t want to get you in trouble for doing your job correctly. She says but its not right you order mini cupcakes and received the wrong order why do have to pay for someone”s else mistance. I said thank you so much for understanding and make it right! And I tell her the assist manager needs to manager! She says I know! I appreciated what she did for me. I thanked the assist manager & the cashier lady who make my other cupcakes. I said you all for coming together as a team and understanding the meaning of customer satisfaction and service. And informed that after 17 years of getting my cupcakes this is the first time it went wrong and last! I let them know I will not be ordering my cupcakes or coming back to this store as long robert is the manager. He needs to get retrained on basic customer satisfaction! Manger skills! And never seen the customer service counter with so many people complaining! While he did nothing to help them either!!

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