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Published: 14 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I first visited Foot Aircraft Sales & Service when I took my Mooney in for a repair a few years ago, The service and staff seemed amicable and good natured. They made the repair and I was on my way. | Last year, April 2014, I had a gear up landing in my Mooney which was the second airplane I purchased. Although it was a complete loss I was blessed to walk away without a scratch. Now here in 2015, I contacted Foothill Aircraft Sales and spoke to broker Robert Mohs to about purchasing my 3rd airplane. | I was told about a Cessna 210 by a mechanic who had come to see if my Mooney could be repaired. However, come to find out later Robert Mohs appeared to be the broker on the deal. I gave Bob a $5000 deposit with the understanding already previously established that I needed a retractable gear plane specifically so I could complete my FAA check ride. Bob also called $5000 I gave him a deposit but I can now see from the tricky wording on his receipt that it reads very differently. | After speaking with both of my flight instructions, one being a mechanic, and receiving negative reports concerning my quest to purchase a Cessna 210, I contacted Bob and expressed the negative concerns of the flight instructors about the purchase of the Cessna 210, however Bob assured me that my flight instructors had no idea of what they were talking about and he never heard of any such negative reports about the Cessna 210. However later in addition to the negative reports I first received from both of my flight instructors, a gentlemen who owns a salvage yard, and AOPA insurance agent all advised me not to either purchase the Cessna 210 and that it had a very high loss ratio of claims and loss of life. My Mooney flight instructor, flat out refused to even fly with me in a Cessna 210. As of this point in time I have gone to AOPA and several other insurance agencies to obtain insurance and all have refused to insure me due to a combination of factors from my gear up landing, to no high performance rating to the negative record of the Cessna 210 itself . I also requested to be present during the test flight but Robert Mohs never called me. In addition I have not had a Pre-buy inspection by an independent 3rd party, I have not seen the log books or have I even flown the airplane. Who would buy a car without 1st being allowed to test drive it? This purchase would make my 3rd airplane purchase and standard procedure for an HONEST BROKER, who has nothing to hide, is not only to allow the buyer to perform a pre-buy inspection by an independent 3rd party which includes the right to inspect all logs, which is less liability for the seller, but a good broker would even recommend it, see article written by Pia Bergqvist at FlyingMag.comm entitled “Mooney Makeover” Buying the Airplane,…. | My complaint is that Robert Mohs has not acted in good faith and is now threatening me to take my $5000 deposit even though I have not been able to obtain insurance to legally fly the plane. However, no liability insurance means I cannot land the plane at any airport, which of course means I cannot fly the plane or get financing. My deposit was given to Robert Mohs in good faith based upon his 37 years of experience, but I now can tell you that I do not feel comfortable and honestly do not have any trust for Robert Mohs. I have not been treated fairly and Robert N. Mohs (Bob) has operated in “Bad Faith” with the tricky wording in his receipt. I have not been afforded a Pre-buy inspection nor have I been able to obtain insurance. | The Cessna 210 will be a difficult sale to almost anybody because of the following reasons:

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