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For Him Dating is nothing more than mail-order-bride - BEWARE!

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Published: 28 January 2017

Posted by: Gabriela W. Jones

I’m a 54-year-old guy recovering from a bad divorce. That’s when I came across the website For Him Dating. I was just recovering from the damage that my divorce had done to me that’s when I came across this site and I felt convinced that this is what I need.

I gave the scammer Alex a call at +38 066 033 1459 which was mentioned on his site. The first thing Alex told me was they are not a mail order bride service, he said that Ukrainian women have been exploited and several people have been scammed and that’s why he started this noble service. He said that they, that is his company always did background checks to ensure his customers weren’t taken for a ride. I told him my story and the betrayal I felt in my previous marriage; the b****** knew how lonely and scared I was of commitment; one didn’t take a rocket scientist to guess that.

Alex sounded sympathetic and said he had helped several men just like me and found them the love of their life. He explained that these women came from different backgrounds, some were looking for a better life while others were just out there for love. He made it sound like a fairy-tale where I was prince charming and I had to rescue my damsel in distress.

He introduced me to a woman named Katharina and she was 36, we were skyping almost every day, heck I started to look forward to skyping with her and would get restless if she were delayed. She spoke broken English and said she needed English lessons, I spoke with Alex and arranged for her to get English lessons, it cost me $500 for a month.

I couldn’t wait to meet her and told Alex the same, he asked me to come over all the way to Poltava which was 7000 miles away. I didn’t want to meet her empty handed so I bought her several gifts from Victoria’s Secret, an evening gown and a gold bracelet.

Alex had arranged the room, transportation from Kiev and a translator which was strange cause Katharina could speak understandable English. I didn’t care because I was meeting the love of my life. The room where I was put up in was not that great but the charges were steep. I met with Katharina that very day, we had a wonderful time but the translator tagged along everywhere and cost $80 per hour.
I had a wonderful week and enjoyed Katharina’s company and asked her to marry me with a diamond ring, she seemed to be unhappy by the size of the diamond and I agreed to get her another one for the wedding. The week went by quickly and I couldn’t think of going back and extended my stay by a week, that’s when I realized that I was being scammed.

When I told Katharina that I had extended my stay she was visibly upset and left almost immediately and almost as soon as she left Alex called me and asked why I had extended without consulting him. I didn’t understand why wither of them were irritated. The next day Katharina refused to visit me and I decided to chill that day and visit a local restaurant where Katharina had previously taken me. In the restaurant I came across Katharina with another man and two kids, it seemed like a family. I confronted and found that she was married to that man and those were her kids.

Alex is the ringmaster and he has all these girls and women set up to lure men like me. Other than the money that I had paid for subscription to For Him Dating, I had given Alex money for the hotel, as he did the whole package from transportation from Kiev to stay and sightseeing, I also spent money on the translator and English lessons. I had spent nearly $50,000 on this scam which didn’t include the flight tickets. I ended confronting Alex who said that I got what I paid for. He said in my haste I lost Katharina, had I been patient she might have divorced her husband in a year or two.

Alex is a sly, scamming b****** who is out to rob any innocent man who is desperately looking for love. He sells worse than a mail order bride. Alex has no remorse because he is more of a p*** and the women he introduces are just glorified prostitutes. If you sign up assuming you will find love believe me all you will get is heartache.

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