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Published: 17 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I was given a lead by a staffing agency to work for a man named John K Chambers as well as his wife Robin Johnson doing construction work as a sub contractor. I began work January 10th 7:30am worked over 10hrs came back the next day than did the same thing. Sunday was my day off and i was asked to work again so i did so, another 10 hours. Monday comes and i return to work and get a call from my wife that John K.Chambers had not contacted the staffing agency with the hours i had worked. I than approached John requesting something in writing to prove my work and hours. He asked me to call the staffing agency and lie to them and to tell them i quit on friday the 10th and that the job did not work out and to go in contract with him directly. I thought that was a little fishy that a man with the name “For Him Restoration” would ask me to lie to a company that got me the job in the first place and the reasoning behind it was that he didnt want to pay the fee to the staffing agency. In the meantime he wrote up a contract and told me he would not pay me for work nor would he sign it unless i called and lied to the staffing agency. That being said, i decided to stop work with him luckily he had signed a receipts proving that i had worked for him . He ended up shorting me 10 hours which came out to 150 dollars and refused to pay me for the time. He also lied to the staffing agency about my start and end times and said i had taken 1hr lunches when i didnt even take a lunch long enough to even eat. I want people to know he is not a honest person and will continue to do this to more hard working people. I saw 3 people start and quit in the 4 days i worked for him. Hes a liar and a cheat and would not release his contractor license number because i doubt he even has one. He also lives on the job sights with a trailor which means he can take off at anytime also taking your hard earned money with him.

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