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Published: 06 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I leased a new 2012 Ford Focus. I have owned cars for 40 years and I have never ever had such problems with all of my cars combined. I have always avoided buying an American made car, because I knew it was a bad product. From design to performance, it has been unappealing and I have witnessed horror stories from American car owners and especially Ford. But when I saw the new car designs and hype of the Ford companies campaign after the financial collapse, I thought, OK, they finally got the message and now I can keep the money in this country and do my small patriotic duty. Well, what a mistake: Within the first year of a brand new car I had the following fixed or not fixable: Three oil leaks, the A/C compressor and fan replaced, the transmission repaired twice and then finally replaced, the blue tooth periodically disconnecting – unfixable, the worst radio reception – unreplaced, the car alarm periodically going off for no reason, the radio staying on when leaving the car, shuttering when accelerating when making turns, the window washer stop working. They kept denying that there was anything wrong with the transmission. Finally they replaced it when I found a memo from the Ford company about the transmission problem and a year later a formal recall letter from Ford. Is that not enough? So I get a Lawyer to get me some compensation of take the car back under the Lemon Law. Ford would not take the car back, took a long time to respond and finally only gave me $2 thousand dollars and made me sign an agreement to not go after them again in the future of we would have to go to court and take a year just to get a court date. After my 36K warranty ran out, they wanted to charge me a ridiculous warranty extension fee. I had 6 mos. left on my lease so I took a chance to go commando. I finally turned in the car but there were things that we still not working and I have not received the so called “Independent inspection” (how is it independent if Ford is paying this company?) So there is a foam cover to the speakers in the rear window that has been eaten away by the sun, something is blocking the air from coming out of the a/c vents and who know what else they might find. Also I had a ding in my car door that was from some jerk banging it in a parking lot. Ford wanted to charge me $400 dollars to fix it. I went to an independent dent repair person and he charged me $100 dollars to fix it. As I was talking with him I told him how Ford wanted to charge me $400. He said, he is the one they hire to do the job. After digging deeper he told me he only charged the $50 to fix it, because of volume. I asked where does the extra $350 dollars go? He said the dealerships pocket. When my lease was ending, it left me in a dilemma. The amount I owed to buy this car was so far above the blue book value and the repair record was so bad, not only would I not want to buy this thing, I could not sell it to anyone. Also, when I went to a different car company and tried to get a new car like a Toyota, they told me Ford would not give them the payoff amount, like every other car company does. I would have to go to Ford directly, which I did and they wouldn’t even give me the quote in writing. You know, I don’t know what Ford is thinking. Do they really expect people to not catch on to there smoke and mirrors about their products. Or maybe there are simply enough duped morons that will still buy these products. I hope if you are reading this you will be aware and not get their products. If Ford is reading this: Why don’t you do the right thing? There is the technology and skills to make a good product, take care of your customers and be fair. I really hope that your company will feel the pain of what you are generating for yourselves someday. I am going back to square one and not only not every buying a ford product again and telling everyone I can not to, I will never buy an American made product again. What a shame and what a shame on you FORD. Maybe after all this time you should correct the spelling of your company from Ford to Fraud motor company and the Focus to F– us. .

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