Foreman Electric Service Co., Inc

Foreman Electric Service Co., Inc

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Published: 01 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Since she isn’t woman enough to call or approach me to rant about me to my face, I guess I will let all know what she does in the company. Not only does she resemble the Penguin on Batman, she is new to the company and they made a huge mistake. Andrea is a weak link and two people that she was working closely with has left Foreman Electric Austin Branch to work for different companies. Andrea has spoken unprofessionally in private to us about Sarah, Jaida, Kim, KCee & her fiance, Julie (who helped Andrea tremendously), Kat and the employees that Foreman is contracted with out of Austin, Odessa, Puerto Rico under projects such as Claro and another company. Andrea lies to her clients about their pay, some of the foreman and employees are not getting paid (some haven’t been paid since they started, others haven’t been paid for 3 weeks or more). Workers have even protested and walked off the job due to Andrea not working professionally, doing things on her time. | I found emails that were dated April 5, 2018 where employees needed to make changes and had not recieved their pay, however, the date that the situation was finally being handled was more than two weeks later. Andrea does not care about getting the employees time in and on time, she does a lot of wiring pay that the employees are being charged over 30.00 from their pay checks to have this done. Wiring pay is because Andrea is not getting information in the system in a timely manner. As she had two assistants that were helping her, one left and the other is leaving soon due to Andrea’s mouth, ranting about others and an having others be more of her slaves when they were told that they were titled as Date Entry workers. As soon as the HR employee left for a better position, Andrea changed the title to Administrative Assistants, that is not what the employees were hired for. Andrea was over paying some employees 600.00 to 1000.00 over trying to rush money out. | Andrea makes empty promises and gives work to others that she should be doing herself. The location is in Austin, Texas next door to an adult store. This speaks alot about the character. Andrea Y. in payroll is trash and she talks a lot of it, but never directly to the other employees or the clients that they are contracted with. Foreman Electric seems like a great company, but people such as Andrea definitely make the company look terrible. Andrea flirts on the phone with the clients and states derrogatory statements toward them, even at times a bit preverted, which coming from a medical background, was disgusting. Andrea was also rude to certain clients that would bother her by calling in regards to her check, but that is her job. I would never refer anyone to this company due to ANDREA Y. in PAYROLL. You will have issues with your check and she will constantly lie to you and make excuses. Even the employees were not given the right to see their pay that Andrea was supposably keeping up with, she denied the employees of that. I am hoping that in regards to my pay that I do not have to include my attorney as Andrea Y. CAN NOT BE TRUSTED. Fraudulant with money, you will not get paid your full amount, Andrea takes off vacation time when clients did not even use their vacation time…the clients want that time back for their families in order to actually take a vacation. Andrea claims that she has no idea how the vacation time was taken, however, she isn’t in any rush to fix it and points the finger at Jaida and others. And Andrea constantly mentions the issues with the old employee that was doing payroll, stop complaining Andrea and do the job you signed up for…you knew what you were getting into before you started and STOP lieing to these clients and brushing them off or they will leave Foreman Electric and find some where else to do business and professional business. They are getting ready to change thier payroll system to PAYCHEX, but no one knows how to use it…this is going to make for more issues with clients not getting thier money in a timely manner or at all. | DO NOT LET ANDREA TRICK YOU OVER THE PHONE, SHE IS NOT WORKING TO GET THINGS DONE, SHE IS STUFFING HER FACE, PUTTING YOU ON AN ISSUE SHEET WITH A MLLION OTHER ISSUES AND THIS IS WHY TWO AND THREE WEEKS COMES ALONG AND YOU ARE STILL ASKING ABOUT YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY! GET RID OF ANDREA Y. PUT SOMEONE THAT KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO GET THE JOB DONE AND THE CLIENTS PAID ON TIME WITH THE RIGHT AMOUNT THEY HAVE WORKED SO HARD FOR. ANDREA WILL TALK ABOUT YOU BEHIND YOUR BACK, BUT PUTS ON A FACE TO YOUR FRONT. SHE IS UNETHICAL, DRAMA AND MISERABLE. | OTHER COMPLAINTS HAVE BEEN FILED TO SAVE THESE INNOCENT CLIENTS.

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