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Published: 15 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I saw an advertisment for a sample of facial cream from a company going by the name of Frresight Media/Ayur. It stated that for the cost of shipping only they would send you a trial size of a product called Ayur skin cream. At the exact moment I went to place my order the phone rang and my mother passed. I had to leave town. It is January 27th and I sat down to open all the mail that I had received while away. I opened the box and found 2 full sized bottles of gold water skin cream. I did not order 2 full bottles. I went to my bank account and found that they had taken $139.90 out of my checking account. I called them and spoke to a guy named Ramy. I explained my situation and also told him there was no unit price on the invoice they sent and on the internet sales advertisement noting is mentioned that you are automaticly enrolled . You will be billed 15 days from the time you made your order. I placed this order on December 2, 2014. The invoice was not prepared until December 19, 2014. I am unaware when the package arrived as I had my mail held. With Christmas and all I am sure it was delayed. According to the invoice you have only 30 days to return it. They also state on the invoice that you will receive another shipment in 60 days. I only received one shipment from them. The time to return the product was expired by 4 days. I called and had to wait 25 minuets as they were experiecing a high volume of calls. It is no wonder why. The man who answered my call Ramy was the rudest human being I have ever spoken to. He failed to hear a single thing I said. I requested a supervisor. None available and someone was to call me back. I sent e-mails explaining my situation also. This product is no differnt than something you can purchase at the drug store. This advertisement is so misleading. I never approved for them to take money out of my account nor join their club. There is no prices or stament made by them of this practice. I have yet to hear back from them. All I have to say to anyone thinking they can get a sample for the price of shipping your getting yourself into what is called fraud. How can they get away with this. I am sure there are thousands of others who are attempting to get a refund. This is from what I see the 2nd complaint. What was said in the 1st, also applies to me. They are ripping people off by there misleading and shady practices. I will come back if this problem is solved. .

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