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I am Daniel; I was looking for an auto trading programme for myself that would be a help for trading in the night time when I sleep. I was looking for options and did not want anything too fancy, just something that would manage 2-5% in the night. I came across Forex trading programme from forex eternity.

Tom greene was the person who explained to me about the platform and was all praises about it. He showed me an explainer slide show kind of vid which was all fake by the way. There were fabricated fancy pictures of the programme, of people who were really happy with the programme, fake testimonials, fake trade records etc. He tried to lure me with the great performance of the programme and I was a fool who fell a prey to him.
I bought Forex trading programme from forex eternity and on the very first day, it did not work on my system. It was such a bummer. I called Forex eternity’s help line no and complained about the same.They asked me to retry for a few times and exhausted my energy further. It still did not work after several trials. I was pissed and asked for my $497 that I paid for the programme back. They said they’ll try to load it on my system. They tried something from their end and finally it did load on my system.
Now comes the most fucking part of the story. The programme did not work. There were no trades made at all.
I called them up and abused them for the let down as I was mighty pissed this time.
They said they are working on the problem; the programme is facing a technical glitch and therefore is down at the moment. According to them it would have been up and running in 48 hours.
Those 48 hours passed and still nothing happened. These guys have taken $497 from everyone and are now chilling somewhere with the money I think. It is a pure scam to loot people’s money and say that there is a technical glitch. I followed up by calling them several times but these assholes have no intention of fixing it or returning any money.
I have even mailed them to refund my money on the email address given that is [email protected] but nothing changed. Forex eternity is run by frauds who are not doing anything even after so many days and are openly defrauding everyone.
That bloody Tom Greene also needs to be put in the cell; he is the main culprit in the entire scam.
Nobody should ever buy a trading platform without doing proper research for it and should skip Forex eternity by all means. Thieves they are!
I am trying to recover my $497 dollars; if anyone has gone through the same or have a solution to recover the money, please let me know.

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