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a hellhole and certainly not worth your time or effort

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Published: 02 May 2019

Posted by: Mark Greenwald

Forreston Dental is family-owned. And that’s the worst thing about them. I used to work there and I can’t tell you how disgusting my work experience was. the entire time I worked there, I felt like I was facing punishment or something. The management is horrible and disrespectful. They think they own you for that time. And they can’t let you relax for even a minute. Forget lunch breaks or any kind of personal time when you’re working there. You’d just end up resenting your decision of working there. Believe me, I hate the time I spent there. If there’s one advice I can give to you, it’s to never join Forreston Dental.

The work schedules are random and always exhausting. They increase your working hours whenever they like. And that’s not even the worst thing about this place. I remember there was a day when I got there at 8:50 am something and left the place well past 9 pm that night. The whole day was exhausting. I never thought a dental clinic would require this much work. Moreover, they assign tasks randomly. Many people tend to quit within a week, at least those who have the option to. I worked there for around 3 months. And all that time was like a punishment for me. Dr. Bares is the worst employer and human being I’ve ever met. I was a hygienist but he didn’t hesitate in assigning me the task of handling calls or bringing him lunch. He and the rest of the management treat the employees like slaves. It had become my responsibility to bring him lunch from a restaurant when he pleased like I was his assistant or something.

And the wages weren’t worth it too. You’d be better off working in a coal factory than here. I lost a precious lot of my time and effort here. I didn’t get any worthy work experience and after suffering for 3 months I finally decided to quit. In the beginning, I was a little surprised to see such few employees there. At that time, I was unaware of the poor working conditions at that place. When I quit, I was glad.

Oh, and I forgot to mention: they don’t treat their patients properly too. In fact, some of the views of Bares about his patients are horrible and disgusting. He is a pervert who makes lewd comments without any sense of hesitation. That was a big shocker for me. In fact, I left the place as soon as I found this out. I didn’t know he was a pervert. I came to know about it when a coworker quit because ‘Bares touched her inappropriately and even tried to grope her.’ She left the place immediately and me, filled with disgust, left with her.

Overall, Forreston Dental is a hellhole and certainly not worth your time or effort. If you were looking for a job here, then you shouldn’t be. Trust me, you’d be better off someplace else.

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