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Published: 19 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Toronto, Ontario Canada | Thursday, September 26, 2019 | V.I.P. Corporate Executive | PC OPTIMUM | PRESIDENT’S CHOICE SERVICES INC. | 1 Presidents Choice Circle | Brampton, Ontario Canada L6Y 5S5 | 866-727-6468 | Regarding: Very Serious Complaint | Regarding: Fortinos At 700 Lawrence Avenue West, Toronto, Ontario Canada M6A 3B4 SUCKS! | Dear PC Optimum and/or President’s Choice Services Inc. Executive: | Good Morning or Good Afternoon to You! | How is your day today in sunny Brampton, Ontario Canada and/or wherever else You are in the World? | My day is going fine, thank you, except due to the Fact that my 88 Year Old Mother, Mrs. Helene Shore had shopped at the Fortinos today being Thursday, September 26, 2019 at 1:42 P.M. which was located at: 700 Lawrence Avenue West, Toronto, Ontario Canada M6A 3B4 (416) 785-9843 and did Not Have A Very Good Customer Service Experience In Paying For Her Groceries Using Her PC Optimum Card Awards Money Points! | The Bill came to a Grand Total of $22.43 and my 88 Year Old Mother Had $30.00 On Her PC Optimum Card To Pay For The Total Bill and Your Horrible and Disgusting Cashier Refused To Accept The Full Amount To Pay For The Bill. | She Falsely Stated that she Can Only Take The Money/Points From The PC Optimum Card In Amounts Of $10.00 At A Time! | Please NOTE: There is Absolutely No Where That States That A PC Optimum Customer Can Only Use Their Award/Money Points In Amounts Of $10.00 At A Time! | Please NOTE: Nobody Even At PC Optimum Has Ever Told ME That As Well! | How Stupid and Ridiculous Is That If The Customer Has Enough Money On Their PC Optimum Card That They Can’t Use The Full Amount To Pay For Their Bill? | Moving Right Along: Well Your Female Cashier was So d**n Disgusting And Unprofessional And Continued To Argue With A Paying Customer Non Stop About This and then she Embarrassed Both My Mother and Myself By Dragging In The Female Cashier Next Store To Her Register To Get Negatively Involved To Tell Us The Same Garbage! | Moving Right Along: My 88 Year Old Mother Ended Up Paying About $2.43 Out Of Her Own Money Because Your Stupid Employee Refused To Take The Full Amount Earned From Her PC Optimum Card To Pay For The Bill! | Please NOTE: With All Of The Aggravation That Your Employee(s) Have Caused Us In The Store, We Were Not Only Further Embarrassed And Over Humiliated, but We Spent An Excess Of About 20-30 Extra Minutes With A Full Line Behind Us In Trying To Resolve This [In Which It Was Not Resolved Properly, Nor Professionally]! | You would think that a Manager would have been involved, but these Low Class Female Cashiers Refused To Get A Manager to Help Them Resolve The Matter! | SHAME ON YOU! | I am very much Angry, Upset, Pissed Off and Upset over this Filthy and Disgusting Fortinos Shopping Experience and Will Be Publishing Negative Reviews On To Social Media with the Receipt so that Everybody Knows How My 88 Year Old Mother Was Treated Today In The Store and this Time It Was Right In Front Of ME! | I am Now going to provide You with some vital information that I was able to retrieve from the receipt for your reference and further review. Thank You. | Fortinos | 700 Lawrence Ave W. | 2019/09/26 Nuresse 232 09 0186 13:42 | GST 72160-8685 RT0001 | 99143609018620190926134159 | Enclosed, in the attachment, please find a copy of the Fortinos Receipt for your reference and further review. | If You would like to contact ME back directly in order to discuss my letter of Very Serious Complaint in further detail, then please leave ME a message on my Voicemail at: (323) 514-2779. | You may also TEXT ME at: (424) 543-4119. | You may also Reach ME on my family’s Toronto, Ontario Canada landline phone number at: (416) 633-9135. | You may also Email ME at: [email& 160;protected] or [email& 160;protected] | You may also write back to ME at: | Mr. Howard Paul Shore | Toronto, Ontario Canada | I am more than looking forward to hearing back from You with a Positive Response some time in the very near future. | Thank you. | Sincerely yours, | Howard Paul Shore Angry And Upset Fortinos Customer On Behalf Of My Mother, Mrs. Helene Shore, Your Customer | PS: Enclosed Below Please Find Copies Of Negative Reviews That I Have Published For Your Reference And Further Review. Thank You.

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