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Published: 27 November 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

That company is just malefic evil. They suggested going to every training provider on the list to check the best one, then they scheduled for me a three hour test, then they called me back and refused to pay for my training because I had “marketable skills” in a different field. Or they could pay less than half of the amount of my training if I bring them a letter of intent to hire and explain how I’m gonna pay the rest of my training (about $5,000). They would not listen that with my “marketable skills” I was unable to find any employment for 6 years that was why I requested some assistance with certification in another field. My case was transferred to some evil malefic female Jennifer Casey who created for me a “talk to my hand” plan for endless searching an entry level position, after that they were just going to kick me out of program. Jennifer Casey also refused to provide with any listed on their website services including “fuel vouchers” and “food vouchers”. When I asked them five simple questions: 1. You informed me that I have “marketable skills” and a graduate degree dated 2008, that was why you denied my request for the training assistance. I asked you, if I am unable to apply my “marketable skills” and outdated degree in Electrical Engineering for my employment, is there any chance for me to get certified with the FIT’s assistance? 2. How long do I need to be looking for a job with my “marketable skills” to prove that they are not really “marketable”? 3. May you provide me with gas vouchers or bus passes to follow your scheduled appointments? 4. How long do I need to be searching for the employment with my obsolete and outdated skills and education, so that FIT finally could assist me with getting real “marketable skills” without any letter of intent as in IT they just don’t exist? 5. Can you provide me with local verifiable examples of IT related “letters of intent” so I could make sure they are real? They accused me in “harassment” ignoring that fact, that they were exercising “psychological harassment” on me. They also refused to identify who and how I harassed. The same way people are being accused nowadays in “terrorism” or “domestic violence”. I requested to schedule an appointment to pick up my file, then Jennifer Casey just scanned my file with all my social security number, driver license, signature, date of birth, address, etc., and emailed it to me via insecure connection. Why would I need scanned copies of my originals sent me via email? Was Jennifer Casey exercising her incompetence, dishonesty or sadism? With such information some Vegas crooks could easily obtain credit in the nearest casino, so I asked Jennifer Casey for the FIT’s legal dept information, and she chose “not to respond”. No DUH! When I filed a complaint with BBB requesting responses for five simple questions above Jennifer Casey responded with five irrelevant responses excersising her rhetoric and demagogy, explaining in different words that they would never tolerate harassment of any kind. My questions who, when and how I “harassed” were left answered. I guess, those “social workers” lack of social skills but they are real evil, obtaining people’s private information for some malefic reasons, like getting grants for people in need and utilizing that money in some other “creative” way. Beware of those “social workers” as they seem to be just malefic and hypocritical liars, pretending to be more stupid as they really are. However, if they are lacking common sense, and exercising their misconduct and dishonesty in a daily basis, there are more other places where they could better utilize their sadism, like prisons for serial killers, etc.

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