Foundation Systems of Michigan

Foundation Systems of Michigan

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Published: 17 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I had a terrible experience with foundation systems of michigan FSM. First FSM said we needed to put in wall anchors which are a series of cables and anchors inside and outside the foundation to correct a basement wall that was leaning in and the basement was leaking water. They next said they needed to straighten the wall first before installing the cables. So they beat and bashed my basemnet wall with a sledge hammer without lifting the foundfation to take the load off the cinder blocks. Well they boke several cinder blocks and created a crack that ran from one end of the wall to the next creating more of a water leak. the crew that did the work were all non- english speaking Mexicans excpet one could speak english. I don’t even think they had green cards to be in this country. Very rude the workers were. One woker did poke my dog because he was barking at him. That made me very angry. The foreman was very, very rude also. FSM ws to sub- contract out a mason to put the front brick wall back up because is had to be removed to pull the wall out. As I said they damaged my basement wall with a 1/2 ” crack from one end to the other. The mason they subcontracted did a terrible brick job, the worst uneven job of brick laying, not straight and the cement was thin and thick in places, a terrible job. Then FSM did not use gravel to backfill around the foundation outside but used the same clay dirt. When they were done with the backfill it rained the next day and my basement floaded even worse than it did before I hiered this stupid company. I refused to pay the ballance. This FSM company wanted me to pay $28,000 form the entire job. I paid the $6000.00 to start the job. I should have sued them for that $6000.00 because it was a waste of money. FSM did not fix the leaky basement but made it worse. Here is the kicker, I had to hire another foundation company to come in and tear out all the work they did. In the process of tearing out the outside anchor cables underground the new company I hired had to dig out the foundation again. Here is the KICKER–when the new company dug up the outside anchors and cables it was found and shown to me that FSM never attached 3 of the cables to the anchors outside ( there was to be 8 cables and anchors). When FSM pounded the cables througfh the dirt they hit rockes with 3 of them. Instead of digging up the rocks out side and moving them to allow the cables to be pass to the anchors instead they just left the cables loose in the ground not attached to the anchors. If I didn’t dig out the foundation again then I would have never none they did that and cheated me of 3 wall anchors leaving part of my wall unsupported. | FSM lied to me and did the worst job I have ever seen a company do. They were not honest about their work and did not fix the leaky basement but intead created more problems and wasted my money. I had to spend more money to undue what they did. | Do not use FSM Foundation Systems of Michigan you will be sorry. This company is profits driven and will NOT care about the quality of work they do. They lied to me and they will lie to you.

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