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Published: 26 April 2019

Posted by: Joshua

If you think college is expensive then you have probably haven’t heard of Foundry Georgian. The selling point of these people is they let you live on the same street as the college. And that’s it. For this pathetic selling point, they charge you 10x more than any other hostel or living facility for students. And they don’t hesitate in charging you some ‘hidden fees’ from time to out. I had grown so tired of paying these people that I eventually left them. They are doing shady marketing. You won’t get to find out their prices right away. They make sure that you get interested in their service and ready to invest your money.

And when you do, they give you a small figure to start with. The first price they state is quite normal and reasonable. When I heard the figure they had offered me I was more than happy to pay them. Things take a turn when you start living there. They start charging you for nonsense. They have variable maintenance fees and some ‘administration fee’ which ramps up regularly.

You end up paying them hundreds of dollars per month for the sake of living there. And I’m not counting food here. I had raised a lot of objections when they first charged me the ‘hidden fee’ but they don’t care. They told me I had agreed to their terms and conditions and I have to comply. They take advantage of their location. They give you arguments like, it will cost you a lot more in going to somewhere else and paying in commute.

Let me tell you since I moved from Foundry Georgian, I have been able to save a lot of money. And don’t even get me started on the amenities. You’re not allowed to use all of them if you don’t pay for every one of them. Yes, you read it correctly. You will be paying a separate fee for every amenity you use. And they don’t even maintain the things properly. I used to look at the depressed faces of the students and I always wondered why they were bothering to stay. I moved out of that place after living for 5-6 months.

I had paid them in advance so I couldn’t move out earlier. The others who are living there are there for similar reasons. Some don’t want to offend their parents by telling them that they have been duped. Others have already paid in advance and are planning on moving out soon.

If I had known about the reality of Foundry Georgian before, I would have never made this mistake. The days I spent there were some of my worst ones. the only good thing is I got to make a few friends there. But they really give you a pathetic service.

It would be a whole lot better if you stayed away from Foundry Georgian and found refuge somewhere else. You deserve much better. Your parents will be in the misconception that you’re living in luxury while the reality would be far from that. Take my advice and stay away from this place.

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