Four Points Family Dental

They have one of the worst dentists working there!

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Published: 25 May 2019

Posted by: Laurie

They are medical criminals and fraudsters. I used to go there for regular checkups. They told me that I need a dental filling in one of my teeth. When I got there for the dental filling, some other dentist did the procedure and instead filling one tooth, he did the filling on 3 teeth! THAT MORON DID DENTAL FILLING ON THREE TEETH! I didn’t know how to respond to this stupid behavior. I asked them why did a filling on two other teeth but they didn’t give me any explanation. They just told me that it’s preventative care. Preventative care for what? What kind of prevention would a dental filling do? I feel lucky that I didn’t need any tooth extraction. Otherwise, these people would have extracted 2 or 4 other teeth in the name of ‘preventative care’. The dentists here are real morons who are just doing procedures randomly. They are toying with the health of their patients and you know what, they don’t even care what their actions might cause. I have stopped visiting that clinic ever since that incident happened. I know that I might have needed a dental filling in one of my teeth. But what’s the purpose of doing the same procedure on two other teeth? They were deliberately trying to damage my teeth. My two other tooth is completely useless and feels weird now. Mine is just a simple example of dental negligence. If you’re looking for dental care and professional treatments, then this isn’t the right place for you. I used to visit this place for a few weeks before this horrible incident happened. They even charged me for three dental fillings! I wasn’t asked if I needed three fillings, no, they just did it themselves. They think it’s okay to do anything as long as it’s bringing them money. I know why they did such a terrible job. They must’ve thought I won’t notice or I don\’t care and after a while, when those unnecessary fillings will begin to cause me problems, I’ll need additional dental treatments from these people. The dentists are deliberately harming the patients so the patients will come back to them. They think people are stupid. While in fact, they are the ones who are the real morons. I don’t know what other havoc these people have wrecked on other people. I’m lucky I got rid of these people and their horrible treatments soon. If I had kept visiting that place, I might’ve lost all of my teeth. This isn’t the right place if you want to get dental treatment. On the other hand, if you’re looking a place which can ruin your teeth or where you can easily get robbed blind, Four Points Family Dental is the place you’ll want to visit. All jokes aside, this place is a terrible choice to get dental treatment. You’ll be better off someplace else where the dentists really care about the patients, not here.

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