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Published: 01 May 2018

Posted by: Jon P.

Dr. Jeffrey Carl’s is until replaced my pain management doctor according to our agreement until I have another one. But he become deathly afraid of the law all the sudden the new laws and no longer wanted to treat me, which is fine. He should’ve stood up or fought for his patient but he doesn’t anymore. So he wrote three months worth of prescriptions for me so I could find a new pain doctor which I have not found to this date. During the process of writing out these prescriptions he got confused. He wrote the first two months the correct amounts 60 mg morphine is 3 times per day as needed for severe pain and 120 oxycodone 15 mg every six hours as needed for mild pain our breakthrough pain. During the process he rewrote the second and third months two times the first month I think once 3 times for 3rd Month. he was in and out of the office at least three or four times bring prescriptions back in and out and still confused. Four month one and two he wrote the prescription is correctly yet 90 and 120 per month three he was who knows what. So he wrote prescription for the morphine at 69 pills for the month and the oxycodone at 92 pills for the month. Taking as prescribed there is no way I will not run out. I have been on this prescribe medication at this amount for over 10 years. How he got confused and came up with those numbers instead of just writing the normal amount of 120 and 90 . I can only guess he was going to the date he wrote the prescription for the Fill amount . I don’t know instead of the full month and the regular fill date which required me to fill on the 24th of the month. So I have 23 days worth of morphine and 23 days worth of oxycodone to make last 30 days. I can assume he may of wanted me to use every last pill I would have no back up pills and no doctor should ever put anybody in that kind of stress, strain, fear or anything else that is why the suicide rate has skyrocketed for these things. Since he fell out the boat and hit his head this is the fifth time I have had to have corrections made on prescriptions. Usually if I just gave it a few days and came back he would correct it this time he is refusing not only that he has told me I have only 14 more days in his office. He is in severe breach of my Contract. The first day I go through withdrawal I will file a lawsuit against this doctor for the this. I refuse to live in pain for him to play his little games try to punish me for a law. I had nothing to do with making. Unless I receive the correct amount of pills delivered to my door, before I run out & have severe Crippling pain. According to the mom-and-pop pharmacy which is not the main ones in town this happens quite a bit with him he gets confused writing prescriptions. Well over 3 years 5 times with me alone.

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