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Published: 08 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Ms. Parham hired me to develop her online social media presence. Throughout the project she expressed that she was pleased at the progress. She ignored my first invoice about a week after I started the project. I emailed her and sent her a 2nd invoice a week later, at which time she stated that her money came in at the end of the month due to an ongoing lawsuit against her former employer, Johnson & Johnson. She asked me to continue working on her sites and promised to pay later in the week. Another 2 weeks passed without receiving any payment so I emalled her once more and sent another invoice. At that time, Ms. Parham told me that she had not paid because the IRS was after her for $200,000 and she would try to get payment to me right away. I discontinued serviecs and continued sending invoices every couple weeks for the amount of $1,400. She cut off all communication with me and deleted me as an administrator on all of her social media sites while she continues to use the sites to promote herself and her businesses. Depite my repeated requests for payment, Ms. Parham refuses to make the agreed payment of the services rendered. Kathy Nutley, NJ

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