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Published: 27 September 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

On May 23, 2014 I went to Frankie’s bar in Lewisville Texas. I went to play golden tee and also to get their $1 small pizza during happy hour. So within a few minutes Carley N. walked up to me and asked me what I wanted. I replied the $1 pizza, Carley told me I had to get something to drink, I responded I don’t drink alcohol and then Carley gave me this look and sssshhhhhhh me. I didn’t know how to take that so then Carley looked at me again and well you have to get something to drink, how about a tee and Carley said it with a lot of attitude. I told Carley ok unsweet tea and water. Carley came back with my drinks and just banged them on the table; I really didn’t know what Carley was so upset about. Then my pizza came out and I was looking for Carley so I could get some salt and pepper and parmesan cheese and possibly some napkins. Carley was nowhere to be found. I had to go to another table and ask them if I could use their salt, pepper and parmesan cheese. I used it and took it back to them and thanked them. I was eating my pizza with no napkins and saw Carley and Carley didn’t bother to come by. I wanted another pizza and found another server that waited on me before and asked her if she could ring me up another pizza, that’s when Carley came out of nowhere and was looking at me wondering why I went to another server and it was because I couldn’t find Carley. I walked back to the golden tee machine and Carley yelled and asked if I wanted another pizza, I told her yes. My pizza took a long time as in 15 minutes and Carley brought this one out to me and I asked Carley for some salt, pepper and parmesan and Carley sssshhhhhhh me again like I am such a big hassle for her. Carley came out dropped the stuff off and turn and walked really fast to get away and I ask Carley some napkins would be good also, then Carley gave me a lot of attitude for even asking her for anything else. Carley came back with about 30 napkins and slammed them down and walk away. I then told her to close me out because I didn’t know if I was gonna see her again. Again Carley sssshhhhhhh me and at that point I was pissed. My tab was $5.14 and I left Carley .02cents because I didn’t feel Carley deserved the .01 cent tip. I was done playing and was leaving and I walked up to the girl that waited on me before (Really short, dark hair, a lot of fun can’t remember her name) and told her what happened and she told why that’s her job. I told her thank you and she told me that I owed her a dollar for the pizza and I told her that Carley charged me for 2 already and she told no worried I will have them void it. I said thank you and good bye. As I left it dawned on me why Carley gave me such a hard time. It was because Carley wasn’t gonna get a big tip because I ordered tea and the dollar pizza. I was really upset for the fact that Frankie’s has these special for people to come in and unwind and that’s how the server treats me. I would rather pay full price for a pizza so I don’t get treated the way I did by Carley. Maybe Frankie’s shouldn’t have happy hour special at all if it’s gonna effect how people get served. Carley has the wrong attitude for being a server. Just because I don’t drink and get happy hour specials doesn’t mean I am a BUM and don’t tip well!

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