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Published: 17 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My fiance and I, both senior citizens, visited the dealership on October 30 of 2014. The salesman, Donald Dobbins, seemed to be a kind and decent person but he should have gotten us a sales manager that would deal with us in a fair and professional manner. The sales manager we were assigned to seemed to be in love with himself and more than a little rude. He made promises he did not keep. He was not only rude but belittling. I cannot remember his name, I guess I have blotted out as much as I possibly can of the ordeal. I asked the sales manager if he would negotiate on the $570.00 dock fee of the vehicle and he said: “We have made an agreement with the Salvation Army in this town and we have promised them we will not do CHARITY WORK if they will not sell cars”. I can see no reason at all why the sales manager would make such a rude and belittling statement. The sales manager said we had to take the 100,000 mile dealer protection plan/service contract and said it was $2,000 dollars. The sales manager also said we were getting a great deal on the dealer protecton plan because it was normally $3,000. The sales manager said there was no negotiations on the dealer protection plan and said everyone that bought a car from Anderson Nissan had to purchase the service plan. My finance bought the car in spite of me telling her that these people, in my opinion, are scam artists and rude and belittling ones at that. She paid $39,000 for a 370Z. We complained to the district manager because she was told she had to get the dealer protection plan. I later checked back with Anderson Nissan and found out that the dealer protection plan/service plan that we had been forced to get had mysteriously been cancelled but we did not receive one penny of the $2,000 back, A few polite words I feel are more than appropiate for the sales manager are “crook”, scam artist and unprofessional. It is also my opinion that he is in the wrong profession. I detest dealing with a cheater/liar and I feel my fiance was both cheated and lied to. So I will give this warning to others about Anderson Nissan: “BEWARE and be more than cautious of Anderson Nissan!” If you are thinking about purchasing a Nissan then I would suggest bypassing Anderson Nissan and selecting another and hopefully more professional dealership. If all Nissan Dealerships are of this low caliber then I would simply choose to buy another name brand car. Maybe this rude and in my humble opinion “untrustworthy” dealership will politely and quietely go out of business because of lack of business. PS: I talked with Rob Smith at the dealership and asked for the name of the sales manager that we dealt with. He said he was not allowed to give out that information. So, it appears that we are still getting the “run around”. .

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