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Published: 11 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This Post is for ALL Consumers that are Policy Holder’s of FARMERS INSURANCE and Clients of Fred Worthey Insurance Agency, Arlington, Texas. This Agency promotes and espouses RACISM and RACIST beliefs, A lawsuit has been filed against this “Agency” and FARMERS INSURANCE for amongst other things, Fraud, Slander, Defamation, Violations of Computer and Cyber Laws, etc. A copy of the filed lawsuit is attached, in addition to the RACIST Text Messages sent by owners and officers of this Company or Agency. Further, there was a security breach and client information and social security information compromised by Justin Worthey, Fred Worthey’s Drug Addicted, Convicted Violent Felon son. The Text messages are also attached to this posting. It is all self-explanatory. FARMERS INSURANCE although aware of the numerous financial improprieties of Fred Worthey Insurance Agency, racial epithets sent via text message and notice of security breaches, still has this “Agency” employed and writing policies. We as a Country, do not tolerate nor accept this kind of Racial hate towards citizens. Even more disturbing is that alhough made aware of this, FARMERS INSURANCE has still kept this racist, corrupt “Agency” in place. If you are a customer or polict holder of Fred Worthey Insurance Agency and FARMERS INSURANCE, there is a good possibility that your persona information has been compromised by Fred Worthey Insurance Agency. This Agency has a long record of violations and illegal, unlawful conduct with the Texas Department of Insurance and other regulatory bodies. They add policies, they triple charge, they espouse and are self avowed WHITE SUPREMACISTS that HATE all races of color, gender, and the LGBT Community. The text messages are attached, read for your self, read the lawsuit and see why this “Agency” is still in business and why FARMERS INSURANCE is still allowing RACISTS to issue and write policies. There has been hundreds of complaint over identity theft involving the Fred Worthey Insurance Agency, yet FARMERS INSURANCE does nothing to prevent. Please speak up America, send a message, petition these criminals and racists out of business and send them to where they belong, prison!!! STAY AWAY FROM FRED WORTHEY INSURANCE AGENCY, THEY WILL DEFRAUD YOU, THEY HATE ALL MINORITIES, THEY STEAL YOUR IDENTITY AND PERSONAL INFORMATION. Boycott FARMERS Insurance, they allow Racists to continue to stay in business and steal from insurance policy holders. This is one of the biggest scams ever, Please read the LAWSUIT attached and proof of RACISTS text messages and hate towards minorities and the LGBT Community.

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