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Free Forming

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Published: 24 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Free Forming (shenlantiaodong) Tracy 30 B,Wo Lung St,Fanling,New Territories,Hongkong receiver : Calvin tel: 0085260160386 zip code,999077 Orded items mid of Nov. 2 pr water proof shoes of leather with arch support. Arrived , no arch support, flimsy leather. The shoes were small , I considered exchanging them for another larger pair asking if that was possible, but immediately knew the quality would not last and I need arch supports. | E-mailed them with pictures of my feet, the shoes as requested. i asked for an address and mailing label to return. It took a month more, now january 20th to receive an address in hong kong to send them back to. Cost of mailing my responsiblity. Prior to that 3 e-mails offering me instead of a refund 10%, then %20% off their next sales item. | Finally an exta $5 us sent to me instead of the refund i had asked for a month for. They told me to mail to Hong kong not to the address on the return address on the pkg. or I might not get my money back. I have yet to mail anything back, but noticed in other reports this P.O. Box in Chino,Ca. has be complained about. | I doubt a refund after I mail it. My intend is to do so the items are usless to me. It took a month before A plastic travel bag was included in the the purchase. Chino, Ca California It is now January 25. Close to 2 1/2 months and could be longer.

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