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Published: 21 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Freebie Money Printer is an absolute ripoff. First of all, the person who has registered the domain is never even mentioned on the site at: The domain is 11 months old and is registered to a John Hostick. On the website, only a “Stefan” and “Scott” are mentioned. Why is Mr. Hostick hiding behind an affiliate/MLM scam? Why is his domain set to expire next month? I’ve received two emails from my sponsor and one from a woman named Kate. The program lists five steps a member has to follow. What is dishonest to me is that even on the second step, which is where a new member earns one (1.0) Credits at another site called “Big Kabang 40 (,” I was not even given credit for a purchase I made to complete the requirement for being “fully qualified” or being given the free training bonus specifically mentioned for signing up for 1. 0 member credits! I have contacted my sponsor, who is a Mr. David Harris, without any reply. What is suspicious and even alarming to me is that there is no way I can see to personally contact the Stefan or Scott who have put up the Freebie Money Printer website, even though they say they can be contacted. So, what this now looks like to me is a blatant affiliate/MLM scheme just like a “shell” game, where the object you are trying to find is being constantly shifted and hidden.

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