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Published: 11 April 2019

Posted by: Harris

We are not the kind of people who bash or bullies companies online and we just like to stay on the good side. But after our own experience with Freedom Mortgage, we were forced to share our story with the internet. We couldn’t see people ruining their lives because of the greed of a company.

Our company was traded with Freedom Mortgage by Sun West, with whom we never had a problem. All the payments were done promptly and on time. Ever since our trade, “Freedom” has been our living nightmare. Our bank accounts have been robbed as we had to use the Auto Pay system as I was in the hospital for a few weeks. They took twice the money from our bank account for a single month. My husband is the only healthy person in the house, I and our daughter have bad kidneys and I didn’t want to bother him so I chose Auto Pay.

After this incident, we decided to contact the customer support of Freedom Mortgage. The customer service staffs of this company were the opposite of supportive, they didn’t want to help us at all, they kept defending the company implying that we were lying and it must have been a technical issue from our side. They deliberately lied to us when we asked them their name, they said that I don’t have the right to know their name and it is unethical of me to ask them this question. I asked them to enter my name to the account but they refused to do that. They stated that it was not legal and the US institution does not allow it. Hearing this I asked them to connect me to the supervisor. The rep told me, “We don’t have any supervisors so who should we connect you to” and started laughing. He clearly wanted to avoid me talking to the supervisor but lying like this is just pathetic an unprofessional. I recorded the whole conversation and have kept the recording as proof.

We received a letter from Freedom stating that we have been short on our Escrow payment by 150 dollars. When we were with Sun West, this problem NEVER OCCURRED. However, Freedom has found a way to make our life worse. They stated that the property taxes have increased that is why we are short on that money but the thing is, we don’t pay property taxes as I’m a disabled veteran. They were trying to steal money from us. They said it might have been because of the Home Insurance Policy, but the official USAA website states that it hasn’t increased. Another thing, they didn’t say anything for sure, they always used terms like “might” and “could”. These fucktards don’t know shit!!!

My mortgage statement shows that I’m in a negative balance; however, it doesn’t have any Home insurance fee or property tax.

Please keep away from these money sucking fuckers. I’m going to take legal action against them and take them down.

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