Freedom Shield Warranty

Freedom Shield Warranty

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Published: 27 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I bought a 2013 Freightliner Truck in November 2017. I didn’t realize how many permits I needed to purchase before having the Truck operate. Unfortunately, the truck was just parked outside my house for 7 months without driving. Of course, I did keep up with the maintenance. However, once all my permits were established I started hauling goods in late May 20018. | Long story short on October 11, 2018 at 10:23PM my driver finally gets signal from the desert that he was stranded, and that my truck had broken down. Since, I had purchased the “PLATINUM WARRANTY” I thought I had this all resolved, and that FREEDOM SHIELD would help me pick up my truck from the desert and help me get it fixed as soon as possible. THAT WAS NOT THE CASE AT ALL. I had to find my own tow truck to get my truck out of the desert, I had to rent another truck to get the load delivered and pay a penalty for the load being delivered late, and on top of that I had to get my truck to the nearest trucking repair facility to get the diagnostics. | At this point, I am out of money and time. I am relying on FREEDOM SHIELD TO HELP ME and they did not. They gave me 5 days to have the engine open (keep in mind the engine cannot be open because it says on the warranty if the engine is open under any circumstance they will not cover anything.) | I was talking to the claim representatives on the phone on a daily and they were complying with me very nicely. Since, I had been a loyal customer by not missing any payment or have never been late on a payment. I thought I was so lucky that they were working with me. Then I was hit with reality by a malicious email that I got from the claims department, that they have not heard from me and that my case was going to be denied in one day if I didn’t forward anything to them. I was shocked when I called and told them that I had talked to a woman from the claims department saying that she was going to give me more time because the engine could not be open in 2 days that I had left. They said that I had never called them to ask more time. The same woman had the decency to tell me that she had never talked to me about giving me more time, when I certainly had on a daily, where we even started acting like friends.(bad mistake) I ask to speak to her supervisor she said she was the supervisor, then I asked to speak to the manager and she also said she was the manager. | At this point I thought THIS IS DEFINATLY A SCAM! THE PROBLEM ADDED UP WHEN THEY DENIED MY CASE because the mechanic that I got the diagnostics from had his business address assigned to the owner’s house. FIRST OFF, HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW? WHEN THAT WAS THE ONLY TRUCK SHOP THAT WAS WILLING TO GO TO THE DESERT BECAUSE NO OTHER COMPANY WANTED TO TAKE THAT DRIVE, SECONDLY, IF THAT BUSINESS HAS ANOTHER ADDRESS THATS NOT MY PROBLEM, THIRD, MY TRUCK WAS OPERATING FOR JUST 4!! MONTHS!! HOW THE HECK! CAN THE ENGINE HAVE BLOWN IN LESS THAN 5 MONTHS. According to my purchase the truck was inspected from the dealership and there was no problem. | NOW, THEY ARE SAYING THAT THE ENGINE CANNOT BE COVERED BECAUSE THEY DONT COVER THE CLINDERS? BUT THEY COVER THE ENGINE? THEY ALSO DONT COVER IT BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT A COVERED COMPONENT. THEY ALSO MADE ME FEEL LIKE IF I WAS A SHADY BUSINESS WOMAN SAYING THAT I MADE SHADY BUSINESS WITH THE MECHANIC SINCE HE WASNT LEGIT. WHEN I CLEARLY JUST MET HIM BY GOING TO DIFFERENT TRUCK SHOPS TO ASK FOR HELP. THEY DENIED ME, AND I HAVE BEEN OUT OF BUSINESS SINCE OCTOBER. I STILL NEED HELP AND I WANT TO REACH OUT TO NEW COMING CUSTOMERS TO SAVE YOURSELF THE HEADACHE AND DO NOT GET THIS WARRANTY!! | THEY ARE A SCAM!! However, I did get a lawyer and I am going to take them to court and I plan on representing each and everyone of you with the same case scenario, if anybody wants to join I will let you have further information for the court date as it proceed. It is not easy to have a company and its definitely not cheap. I worked for 15 years to save money to start this business and nobody gave me money for free. This is my life and my only source of income to survive and I will not let anyone take advantage of me in my own business. This is unethical and if someone out there is facing the same problem together we can make a difference and fight this battle. | LETS STOP THIS COMPANY FROM TAKING ADVANTAGE OF OTHER PEOPLES MONEY. I APPRECIATE YOU ALL FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ SUCH A LONG COMPLAINT. | THANK YOU, | Kimberly Montoya

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