Freedom Springs Greenwood Aquatics Park

Poorly managed- a total waste of time

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Published: 19 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Remained in line for more than 30 minutes with a kid and we were told that we should wait till the people who are inside left and only then we will be allowed to enter. This place is way overpopulated… It is not huge enough to accommodate all visitors. I won\’t come back again because of a lot of reasons. I\’d preferably spend triple at a real water park huge enough for me and my kids to enjoy peacefully. You simply lost business and I will pass my experience on to everybody I know. I thought this place was for the family yet to see the measure of waste and filthy diapers in the parking garage and individuals smoking close to the passage and I even observed somebody smoking something that isn\’t legitimate in this state … There is hardly any security in the area and nobody around to keep weird people away. Another blow was the inconsiderate reaction of the staff to my inquiries. When I asked them If I am able to go in the pool area without swimming and the answer was a big NO I understand that they have to go by their rules but they could have said this in a decent tone it would have been so much better to understand their refusal however the way they said that made me feel like they were nitpicking…. This place is weird, and it is loaded with youthful lifeguards who are very rude and stubborn. Don\’t misunderstand me; I realize they have an intense activity that I need nothing to do with. It is their duty as lifeguards to protect people but there\’s no compelling reason for them to shout at children who honestly don\’t have the foggiest idea that they can\’t stop for 5 seconds in a specific zone that has a \”no standing\” sign. They need to be polite with the kids because they don’t know what it is all about. Talking about breaks, they do have a timeframe where they get everybody out of the water. This isn\’t conveyed or announced properly and I sincerely don\’t have the foggiest idea how frequently it is or when it is, and I didn’t hear them declaring it. We didn\’t hang around the place to know how long the break was, however, it was most likely 30 minutes or more. Such long breaks are a disappointment and waste so much of the visitors’ time. There aren\’t enough seats to accommodate the number of individuals that are there. Simply pray that you\’re fortunate enough to stroll by somebody as they\’re leaving. The storage spaces are a mess. And there isn\’t any reasonable guidance to utilize them and a large number of the lockers were broken. If you are in Greenwood, IN try looking for some other spot because this place has a lot of shortcomings and to top it all it is quite expensive. Try driving around the area to look for some other place.

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