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I fell sick after that day and could not go to the office for three days.

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Published: 18 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

It had not been long since my company transferred me to Boston. The whole place seemed really beautiful but I was still a newbie then and being the adventurist that I am, I decided to explore the city. I went to many places but I had to do all of it alone as I was the only one transferred. It felt really lonely for an extrovert like me. The idea of meeting new people seemed really fun and so I decided to kill two birds with one stone – Go exploring as well as make friends at the same time. One day, one of my colleagues told me about the Freedom Trail run. I went home and checked it out online. To be honest, it seemed fun and exciting. I decided to go for it as it would be a really great opportunity for me to check out the yet unexplored places of Boston.
After reading carefully about the tour and its schedule, I opted for it. Despite it being expensive, I chose to look on the brighter side. Saturday at 7 A.M., I was there at the starting point of the tour. I did not want to miss the tour and so I went there really early. I was the first one there. After some time, people started accumulating and I even made a few friends. The people were really nice. It was all going really well until the tour guides came in. There were three of them. It seemed as if they had no intention of coming but were forced by their boss. They did not even bother introducing themselves. They simply told the crowd to follow them without asking any lame questions. The atmosphere suddenly changed and it was not the same friendly group of people keen to explore together. It became rather cold and quiet after the tour started. It started from Boston Common. We started running and the tour guides, in the front kept shouting and cursing among themselves. They did not bother to tell us about the city or even the important sites. After paying a good amount for each, all we were doing was running around blankly without any reason. A guy from the crowd asked the guides about a place and instead of telling the significance, the guides chose to tell him to ‘shut up and keep running’. I was not habituated to run continuously for more than thirty minutes and since we had been running non-stop for the last hour and a half, I felt breathless and stopped. The tour guides saw me panting for breath but did not stop. It took me some time to regain my breath. I had to run even faster to catch the crowd. After running continuously for fifteen more minutes, I found the tour at the endpoint (Charleston Navy Yard).
Although it was stated that we would each be given a run shirt, none of us got one. What we did get was a vomit-like drink, which after drinking, made me I puke. The ferry ride too was not fun as it was the worst ferry I had ever been on. If you are in Boston and are looking for a fun day out, don’t, I repeat – DON’T opt for Freedom Trail Run as nothing is liberating about it.

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