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Published: 13 February 2020

Posted by: Visual Comando

– – the BIG SCAM – This video shows how will smoke away your money – be careful with this site – i will try to explain briefly what happened to me, and 3 simple reasons why freelancer is scam what happened to me was that my account was in good standing, i had 13 projects with different clients and my rating was 5 stars, i didn’t do anything wrong, i didn’t breach any freelancer policy in any way, but one of my previous clients did, i don’t know what he did, but his account was closed, and Freelancer ended up taking all the money i eraned from that client, they waited till i got paid for a different work to take away my money, the total amount the closed account client paid me, it was $220 USD this money was gone do you think that’s fair?? even if did nothing wrong even if Freelancer manage to get that money back to the client, which is stupid and unfair for freelancers, THE REAL SCAM IS Freelancer already took 15% of that transactions, in the fees, that’s 22 dollars, for a total of $242 USD plus the 5% of the client, i guess Freelancer make a lot of money that way that’s reason #1 freelancer is a scam, then what happens if Freelancer cant return the money to the client, do they give it to charity?? i am pretty sure they may keep it #2 tons of stories you can read on the web of people getting their accounts closed without notice, accounts even with thousands of dollars, all that money gone, their account verification is extremely hard to pass, and this triggers after you have serious cash from a recent payment #3 Freelancer claims to have almost 17 million users now, but with only 13 works i was rated 3681, even after months of not using the account i was rated on the top 5000, this means most of the accounts are from people that already left, or fake accounts do to freelancer being extremely flexible with scammers. its insane, if i was rated in the top 3000 people, this means all the other accounts are just pure smokescreen, or people that leave very fast, that’s really weird they are also well know for manipulating currency conversion rates, and unexpected credit card charges, cause they force you to keep your card attached to have the verified payment method badge. Be Really careful, use legit freelance marketplaces and stay away from !%# [email protected] #$!

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