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Their treatment FAILED! Retards!

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Published: 02 May 2019

Posted by: Enriqueta

I got my braces at Freeman Ortho last year. The treatment lasted for a few weeks. But it wasn’t a proper treatment. When I got those braces removed after months, I noticed that a few teeth were rotated sideways. Do you know what this means? It means their treatment FAILED! Those retards didn’t even do this months-long treatment properly. I visited them regularly, ate only permissible foods and made sure that I follow all the rules. And what did I get in return? Two freaking twisted teeth!!!

I told the dentist about this issue who said It’s a rare phenomenon and I might need to take the treatment again. WTF?! Those guys seriously thought that I would get another treatment from them after what they did to my teeth. I didn’t know that a dentist can mess up a braces treatment. It was a big shock for me. I wanted to get better results but I ended up losing a lot of money. Those two teeth only make me look equally horrible if not more than before. And the worst part is, those guys felt no guilt. Not once did the dentist apologize for the mistake. Nope. They kept saying ‘it was a rare case’ or ‘I might have done something wrong’. How much more arrogant and depraved one could be?

I never got to hear even when ‘sorry’ from those guys. What I did get to hear was their discounted offer to treat this mistake with another braces treatment. They used to call me multiple times a day. All the time they used to repeat the same message ‘We can help you get rid of your dental issue and because you’re a loyal customer we’re offering you a 20% discount on the treatment’.

To be honest, these people are too full of themselves. If something like this ever happened to one of these guys, I’m certain they wouldn’t have responded like me. Their response must have been more aggressive.

The treatment cost me a fortune. All my teenage years, I had to get taunted by other kids because of my teeth. When I finally got them treated, this is what I received. I had never heard of negligent orthodontics but now I’m quite aware of this issue. I received calls from this clinic for weeks. Even the dentist called me up a couple of times to discuss the treatment. And every time, my response was no.

It costs a lot to get an orthodontic treatment here. And when you’re paying the guy hundreds or thousands of dollars, you don’t expect him to mess things up. The way these guys market themselves is also deceitful. They claim they are expert and experienced professionals. While the reality is, these people are unprofessional, ill-minded degenerates of the industry. They are the kind of people due to which people can’t trust dentists anymore.

I’m getting another orthodontic treatment in a few months. But it’s from another dentist who I’m sure will not mess things up like Freeman Ortho.

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