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Published: 11 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Very sad I’m forced to write this. As a warning to job seekers but also prospect clients and or Daniel Reddy’s current coffee clients. Most could easily say I’m just another upset ex employee. As many out there post for the wrong reasons and usually it’s a malicious intent with motive. | My motive is to save people from a very very mentally unstable individual. His actions speak. Some no Daniel as the friendly nice coffee supplier. I can’t write a novel here but I am listing all the notes and events that have taken place to signify why Daniel Reddy shouldn’t be employing people. I myself 25 years in sales. Worked for major corps. Top earner. Everywhere I go. So I’m not blind to his disturbing behaviours. That’s being nice. | Daniel is a guy to promise you the world. Even once in awhile he will do a nice thing or 2 but that means zero in the end. He has no clue how to structure a proper sales program. I received not one lead generated my entire time with this crap talker. Not one. Every single call I made was to companies who already where being supplied. | Every single lead was like this. He never spent on lead generation, he never provided one sales tool. Not one. First time in 25 years I’ve seen this. I’ll argue anyone to the bone on this. As it was brutal. He has very deep rooted control issues also. I should also ad I hold my bachelor’s in both business snd as a therapist . | Then I have to deal with Daniel. Hard not to diagnose people when they are in front of you pulling disturbing behaviours. So how he works his sales program is he gives you 10% commission sounds good eh ??? Over a year. Well not so much as he pays that out only on a monthly basis. To even live and pay bills this way ya gotta sell out of the gates probably 30 accts for begginers just to pay bills. | He expects said people to sacrifice and he b*tches if he has to pay a salary as ya build your accts. Not to mention the sales process can take anywhere from 3, 6 to 12 months to close a deal. They take it to there board meetings. Multiple decision makers. While you deal with this all Dan does is make you feel like crap. | Like he pays you so well. Zero bonus structure. And hes a total control freak. That’s just the good stuff. I haven’t tapped jnto the mentally ill stuff yet. I brought 2 very close females to Daniel also people I care alot about. I myself heavily respect woman and also no the sexual code of conduct in the work place. First day on the job he States to the first girl ” your to good looking and attractive for me to send you to our film set clients as they will be totally hitting on you ” FIRST DAY????? | So I immediately had a business conversation on sexual code of conduct. As I’ve had many meetings in boardrooms in regards to this topic in offices. The second was a phone interview with a very attractive female friend of mine. He never spoke to much business asked her stupid personal questions you don’t ask. Why don’t you have kids ect ? | For all you no she can’t because of health issues ect. Then ends the call and 2 minutes later adding her into Facebook and doesn’t remotely no her and a prospect employee. Then adds her to messenger then proceeds to msg her at 3 am. Another questionable state I see. He works usually from 3:30 am until 9 or later at night. | As a fitness buff I’m well aware as much as he denies hes running on lack of sufficient sleep which has significant impact on mental wellness. So factor that in heavily. I’ve asked him over and over again please do not gossip or talk bad about his employees to me I’m not interested. Well I no everything about them. So he talks bad behind their backs also. What a stand up guy. Even when i say stop he continues because he has zero mental awareness and his emotions dictate his actions. | I have had to also tell him please do not bring violent mentality to the work place ( THIS IS FOR PROSPECT CLIENTS TO NO ) He had a few outstanding invoices we were speaking about and I was going to collect and out of know where he says to me he has a Hells Angels member part of his family and maybe he should go get him to collect the money owed???? | I was floored and was when i said don’t bring violence into the work place. These are his fricken clients. Daniel basically rides alone in his van all-day stewing on his resentments. If you rub Daniel the wrong way he immediately loses control like literally in seconds hes absolutely popping off behind his text message. Because he is such a coward I was calling him non stop as he’s texting me and the coward doesn’t even pick up his phone to deal with his dishonest actions. | I’m well aware he has issues with literally to the definition issues witb pathological lieing. I was promised and was pleased to he would show me all the invoices of my sales. On 2 occasions with my best friend in the room listening as I told Daniel hes on speaker phone. He pleaded with me He would never screw me over. Never would he lie. Pay me out the salary we agreed on and also my commission. ” I promise buddy ide never scam or screw you ” 2x As soon as I started to ask for the invoices was when he started avoiding all my calls. | He then would pull anything out of the sky to put on me. Things we never discussed. Put words into my mouth . Just a true to the core scumbag. So now for the life of me this man’s also stolen all my commissions. Never paid me my commissions. He is like dealing with a 5 year old child. It’s again so disturbing as a healthy minded individual. | The lies he has said from big to small are unbelievable. Disturbing. I’m a ex high level football player. Live for the game. He even when as far to lie about winning a provincial football title. Which of course I still follow bc highschool ball. So researched the stats and both years he told me he was there showed actually what’s funny , karma to daniel it was actually my school that won both those years. | I thought to myself in that moment??? Why would anyone lie about something so stupid as such. Wild. Just mind blowing all of this. To get out of paying my commission he when as far to tell me to take all my accts back that he now all of a sudden does not have time service them??? This is my employer??? All out of malicious and childish spite. Just to not pay me. Again he lies in disturbing ways. | Never get the truth from this guy. A gaslighter and pathological liar. He would lie about this to the bone. He’s heavily victimized me. This the first I’ve ever warned the public. I will go to court over every word spoken here today. Proudly. So folks no I’m not just a sour ex employee. It gets deeper. Last year my mother suffered a double heart attack. Daniel was well aware of this at that time. She was doing pretty good and then fell again in health and was back in the hospital. | We could of lost our mom at this time. I had said to Daniel no but this weekend. Mom’s not doing well , I’m upset and sad about it, stressed , anxiety. Just need a peaceful weekend and turn my phone off, get my health back and stress down. No I got none of that. He is so selfish snd self centered even taking into account my family members very ill he takes it upon himself as he’s beyond emotionally unstable to riddle me with 21 text messages threatening to not pay if I do not answer him. | I was so upset that day when reading these I couldn’t believe I allowed another man to do this while my family is down and in stressful times. He couldn’t care less. I had a in-depth conversation with him about respect. Respecting people’s lives. How horrendous that was and childish. Again he literally has the mentality of a pissed off 5 year old. He has gone so far out of his way now to not pay me commissions it’s really hard to grasp. | Normal companies with sales teams just do not function in this manner. I’m a sales trainer, Sr accounts manager and any form of sales of done and always top earner. What he provides his team is zero. For me anyways it was zero. He was pushing me to move to Vancouver to sell for him yet no travel budget. I had a company in Las Vegas hire me. | Offer a moving truck , they found my apartment , gave me a settling in budget. This dude doesn’t even provide a normal lead let alone anything positive what so ever. All he does is sit all day in that van up in his mind spinning, getting resentful like a little child. Thinks and brain storms ways to lash out and hurt people he feels wronged him. This mentality got worse after I spoke to him about sexual code of conduct. | Not to mention close people to me. From Sept to Jan I did part time for him due to my other clients. He pursuaded me to go full time in January. He broke a 1 year gentlemens agreement. Didn’t think twice. I close 2 accts per month from January to April. With all objections stacked against me as his sales rep. Again no lead generation, all prospects already being serviced. | My first objection to face in every single call. Super long sales processes. He makes it impossible to get up and going. Worst commission based structure I’ve ever seen. He has no sales smarts. Talked about programs but never bought one sales tool my entire time. Plus I was dealing with all of the above. I am a honest man. | Taken by a hateful, mental unsound, resentful , malicious child. My accountability is I believed him. I even spoke well of him to the people I brought to him. I was warned he burns people. But he has no class. He has no back bone. He hides behind a text messege, creates unessasary drama, tension ect. | It’s all about him and his sad life. He will go to great lengths to lie about all of this. I have witnesses. I told him I was going to protect the public since he wants to steal my commissions as nobody should be applying to work for a sick mentally not sound individual like Daniel. His actions speak. I’m doing damage control.

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