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Published: 21 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

FronTier Consulting AKA FronTier Merchant Capital Group AKA FronTier MCG They approched me in a very general email about being intersted in investing in my company. I ignored the email and then they called me a day later. Somone very you read a script somewhat to what the email read. I asked a few questions that he deferred to a discussion with Management. As a company running out of money and nowhere else to go, I decided to take the call. Before the call I went to their website The call came and I dialed into their line, the same person that invitied me to chat with management was on the line so I began to ask questions about their company and what I found on the site. 10 mins into our scheduled call, the CEO, Ari Todd showed up on the call. He was friendly and seemed to have a real business going that invested and offered market support through meetings and buying. We came to terms on the first call and had his secretary, Rick Kennedy send out his proposal to us. this is what it said: I have attached our proposed agreement (“LT FMCA”) for xxxxx resources to start xxxxxxxxxx, developed by Ari Todd, FronTier’s Founder and CEO. The purpose of this work plan is to attract financing and market support for client. This email is confirmation that FronTier Group shall make a $100,000 principal capital investment comprised of $70,000 into the proposed financing and $30,000 into the proposed FT financing into gypsy swap at proposed financing’s price FronTier would schedule 1 day of aggressive road show meetings (some 6 to 10 contacts) per month in Toronto Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver and other major Canadian cities; meetings can be rolled over onto the following month(s), or, conversely, can be used in sooner months instead of later months if strategic. FronTier shall profile xxxxxxxxxx resources via social media and online marketing through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, at no extra cost, and shall include one press release email distribution per month (it can also be rolled over onto the following month) to 12,000 registered brokers in Canada, 14,000 individual investors, 90,000 registered brokers in United States, 4500 close industry contacts and colleagues – through our five (5) FronTier offices. Please note FronTier will commit additional capital to participate in the market, and also organize ongoing calling campaigns around major news. The proposal includes FronTier corporate concierge; preferred rates and assistance with hotel bookings in Canada and US. FronTier through its affiliated Exempt Market Dealer (“EMD) shall be provided with a 1% override on any capital raised from parties we have introduced for any brokered monies raised. Please contact Ari Todd, or myself if you have any questions And also please note the following FronTier reserves the right to cancel this agreement and investment commitment at any time if the share price falls more than 10 percent below placement offering price. And that unless a signed copy of the proposal is emailed back before xxxxxxx xxxxxxx that this proposal shall expire. I thought 100k in an order would be great and could keep the company running for a few more months. There was an attachement that was their marketing agreement that was going to cost me 63k +hst. Regardless, I accepted the offer and arranged a swap and did the deal. 4 months laterthe entier $ 100k worth of stock was sold off gradually. 2-3 new accounts were selling that I have never seen in our trading history. I called him and emailed him but he denied that it was him. As part of the marketing services they would make introductions to investors / brokers / bankers etc. The person who walked me around had no idea what our company was about or how to even talk industry language. This was the same person who booked my meetings. When I arrived to my meetings most had no idea about us and I wasted my time explaining our company to them rather then taking quiestions. They arranged a big lunch that cost me more than I wanted to spend and no one there had the slightest interest in my company. After all this, I looked into their team on the site Ari Todd- His real name is ari toderovitz and ther isn’t too much on either of the Ailias’ Rick Kennedy on the other hand, has a wikipedia page that shows he was convicted of fraud in 2004 and sentenced to 15 months in Prison. – How is he working for a merchant captial group that deals directly with publicaly traded companies? Funniest part is his signature is associted to investment propositions representing the company. I am always curios to know if any other compaies have worked with Ari Todd or Frontier Consulting, now calling themselves FronTier Mercaht Capital Group. GG .

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