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SMELLS STRONGLY OF FRAUD! I am convinced they are FAKE!

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Published: 21 November 2018

Posted by: Tyler

Has anyone else had a shitty experience with Frontier Merchant Capital Group who earlier went by the name of Frontier Consulting run by an Ari Todd? Apparently, the organisation is being run him and an ex-criminal named Rick Kennedy who has spent time in the jail back in 2004. This Ari Todd is also going under an alias. This is very concerning for me as I had been considering them to make an investment in a particular stock. I know this guy who had been approached by the company on the off-chance in a very causal manner using an email that indicated that they were interested in investing in his company. The guy ignored it thinking it was not important but the company was persistent. Frontier Merchant Capital Group gave him a call after a day. It was a very scripted sort of a conversation as if the person was reading out of a script or something. When the guy probed deeper and asked more questions, they asked him to speak to the management. Now what was very peculiar about this conversation was that as soon as he got into a conversation with the management, almost like 10 minutes later, the CEO of Frontier Merchant Capital Group called Ari Todd entered the call. The CEO seemed amiable and appeared to have good experience and a real business. He came to terms with him on the phone and they came to a sort of conclusion at the end of which he got the following email by a Rick Kennedy emailed to him.
I have attached our proposed agreement (“LT FMCA”) for xxxxx resources to start xxxxxxxxxx, developed by Ari Todd, FronTier’s Founder and CEO. The purpose of this work plan is to attract financing and market support for client. This email is confirmation that FronTier Group shall make a $100,000 principal capital investment comprised of
• $70,000 into the proposed financing and
• $30,000 into the proposed FT financing into gypsy swap at proposed financing’s price

FronTier would schedule 1 day of aggressive road show meetings (some 6 to 10 contacts) per month in Toronto Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver and other major Canadian cities; meetings can be rolled over onto the following month(s), or, conversely, can be used in sooner months instead of later months if strategic.
FronTier shall profile xxxxxxxxxx resources via social media and online marketing through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, at no extra cost, and shall include one press release email distribution per month (it can also be rolled over onto the following month) to 12,000 registered brokers in Canada, 14,000 individual investors, 90,000 registered brokers in United States, 4500 close industry contacts and colleagues – through our five (5) FronTier offices.

Please note FronTier will commit additional capital to participate in the market, and also organize ongoing calling campaigns around major news.
The proposal includes FronTier corporate concierge; preferred rates and assistance with hotel bookings in Canada and US.
FronTier through its affiliated Exempt Market Dealer (“EMD) shall be provided with a 1% override on any capital raised from parties we have introduced for any brokered monies raised.
Please contact Ari Todd, or myself if you have any questions
And also, please note the following
• FronTier reserves the right to cancel this agreement and investment commitment at any time if the share price falls more than 10 percent below placement offering price.
• And that unless a signed copy of the proposal is emailed back before xxxxxxx xxxxxxx that this proposal shall expire.

It seemed like an excellent deal to him and he predicted that it would help him get the company up and running for several months through their help. Despite the company having high charges, he agreed to accept the offer. They decided at like 100k at which they settled. An agreement with them meant that it would cost him 63k +hst. About 4 months passed after the deal happened, and everything was going fine for a while and just then all of the $100k of stock was sold off without any notice to him. And this was done by an account that was not present in their trading history at all. The guy was horrified and called him immediately to get some clarification, but the company denied it completely saying that they were not behind it and were in no way responsible for the selling of the stocks. A few other things also seemed out of the place such as the idea of the company was to introduce their clients to new people, so they would be interested in his company. When such a meeting was arranged, he realized, he found out that his potential investors had no idea about him or his company and he ended up spending too much money and time on one lunch with them.
As I said, this is very concerning for me who is concerning involving services of such an organisation for investment. I suggest you all take heed and stay away from this company. It SMELLS STRONGLY OF FRAUD! You could end up losing a lottttt in here. Be very careful. Do your research and be mindful of whose service you are enlisting.

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