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Published: 06 April 2019

Posted by: karren

I have been using FrontPoint Home Security for 5 years. Their door sensors are very flimsy and feel like they are going to fall apart any minute. I noticed that the day Frontpoint installed their security system in my house. However, I didn’t pay much attention to that as I already signed a 3-year contract with them. Within the first 6 months, the external plastic body of the machines started falling and the magnets were actually built inside the body so it fell off as well. I thought it wouldn’t be much of a problem as I can just use some duct tape or glue to get rid of this problem. I didn’t want to contact the company because it was too much hassle. The security of my family is my top priority and I can’t make any compromises on that. After a few years, I had to use a lot of glue to keep those sensors from falling off. I had to do the treatment every week and the senors were ruining the look of my house now.

The main trigger point for me wasn’t these sensors, but the control panel. I got used to glueing up the sensors but last year suddenly the control panel started saying “keychain failure”. I thought that it might be a battery issue so I just went and changed the batteries of my motion sensors, however, it didn’t do anything. I found out that the battery of my control panel was the main issue and it has been not working for the last 6 MONTHS!!! The company claimed that the control panel does a “self-check up” every hour to make sure that the house is as safe as it can be. BULLSHIT! Talk about false advertising. This piece of crap never gave me a notification about this issue, I didn’t even get a call from the company! WHY WOULD ANYONE GET A SECURITY SYSTEM IF THAT FUCKING THING NEVER WORKS!!!!

I know people are going to say,” Don’t you think it is your responsibility to check the system dumbo?” Well, if it is my responsibility then why the hell is there are MONITOR SYSTEM installed in the fucking system. Even the records of the company state that the system was not functioning properly, but instead of notifying me and fixing the problem, they decided to sit back and ignore the fact that my house was unsecured for half a year!

Once I submitted my complaint to their database I got access to a new feature of my house’s security system which enables me to see who enters my house, etc. That is new! FrontPoint provided me with the proper services after I submitted my complaint. That is just PATHETIC and PITIFUL. I didn’t expect a company like FrontPoint to be so careless and irresponsible. Treating their customers like shit is unethical. I’m going to buy a new security system and get rid of this shitty one.

I did not write this post to complain about FrontPoint but to help people avoid their incompetency. I hope you understand my perspective.

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