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Published: 19 July 2019

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I purchased a car from Fuccillo Kia, two weeks before purchasing it i asked Chris torese(salesman) if i should get my leased car inspected to see how much the value is, and he said no dont worry about it, we are buying the car so you dont have do that. two weeks later after that i went in to buy the car i wanted, i asked chris multiple times if they are covering the excess wear and tear on my car and he said yea since it was a trade in and they are buying the car, there wont be any problems. with my brother and step mother as witnesses to the deal, i made sure it was covered. two weeks later i recieved a bill from kia stating that i owe $2186 of excess wear and tear, i called chris and informed him of that, he told me i shouldnt have gotten that and he will fix that, i called every 3 days to follow up and he kept saying someone made a mistake in the paper work but im working on it and dont worry about it. one day he didnt answer my phone calls then i called the sales manager and he was yelling over the phone saying that my car was a turn in and not a trade in and thats why i got the bill, i told him what chris told me, he said no it was a turn in, then they tranfered me to the general manager where he told me it was my fault for not reading the paperwork before i signed the paper, and he gets phone calls like this all the time of people trying to scam him and he flat out said if you think im gonna pay any of that then im wrong. after filing a complaint through fuccillo corp and kia corp. he contacted me and said he sat down with his boss and chris, chris denied anything he said to me but he was willing to work with me, in the end he said he would be willing to help with 200-300$ and im technically responsible of the whole thing. he didnt sound like it was his choice of offering to help and when i mentioned him losing busniess then he took back his “200-300$” offer and said if im not coming back to be a customer then why would i help you. they deny their wrong doings still. .

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