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Published: 24 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

The full money system was advertised online, I was intrigued by the claims it made and decided that it would be worth my time to check it out. After watching a couple of minutes of the NON INFORMATIVE but yet eye catching video I decided that I would not watch the rest and went ahead and made the 49 dollar purchase. So far Dan had gone on and on and on about how great it is to just make a couple of clicks copying and pasting information and how the money starts rolling in. I still had no idea how i was supposed to make all that money. OH, by the way, they claimed i would make 1400 in one day, or at the very least 400 dollars. Yes I know, how could i have fallen for that. But i did, and so i am here explaining my situation to you. Once I was given access to the imfamous website, I quickly realized that it was all a lie! The first step to getting started involved having to watch 5 additional videos that all sold different “IDEAS” to you on how to make money AND they all claim to be “FREE”. THEY ARE NOT, do not fall for these. Finally when I got past all these ridiculous videos, I got to the “how to set up my business” portion. GUESS WHAT. It involved buying a webhosting service, that came out to be $196 all on its own. I then started to set up my moneysystem website, and ran into multiple problems that prevented me from being able to set up. it has been 10 days since i purchased that system and I havent been able to get past step one. the worst part is that their CUSTOMER SERVICE team NEVER responses to your emails. At this point I am just trying to get my 49 dollars back. Thankfully HOSTZILLA (the webhosting company) was very professional and unlike the moneysystem they do offer legit services! They were gracious enough to refund me my money when i realized what i had gotten myself into. PEOPLE BEWARE OF THE FULLMONEYSYSTEM! its a complete scam. After I made my purchase, my information was sold to other scammers. I had people calling me about different ways that I can make money online, they all involved a one time fee OR EVEN BETTER, they involved an investment towards training courses on how to become an internet millionare, that tuition was for NEARLY 10,000 dollars! .

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