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This place is a MESS and a big scam, needs to be exposed!

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Published: 27 May 2019

Posted by: Richard

I went to Fullem Perio to get my routine preventive dental treatment. I take good care of my oral health and I make sure that I don’t do anything that goes against that. I have been going to different periodontal experts almost my whole life as I have to travel a lot. But I have never seen a clinic that is more incompetent than Fullem Perio. This place was just disappointing. The service was bad while the doctors were not focused on the job. Today I will share my whole experience at Fullem Perio. (Spoiler Alert: It is going to be painful to read, so strap up your reading seatbelts).

So I had to book an appointment at Fullem Perio because I came to Pennsylvania for a business meeting. This was my first time coming to this place and I did not know any person here except for a couple of co-workers. It was time for my routine preventive treatment so I just went on Google to find a good clinic for that. There were a handful of clinics available however Fullem Perio caught my eye with its website. These guys have a beautiful website, which works as the best cover up for their low-quality service. Being impressed by their [presentation I simply contacted the clinic to book an appointment. The next day I went to Fullem Perio and the receptionist made me wait for an hour and a half because of some time management issue. I was told that they don’t have any record of my appointment in their system even though I paid for the whole thing yesterday. Things were bearable until I met the doctor. First off, the doctor’s nails were too big and not properly groomed, you could see the dirt stuck in his fingernails. And his messy hair and drug-addict-eyes were not helping either. He was having a very difficult time focusing on me. I’m totally sure that he was not sober, I could smell weed in the office and seeing his condition, I was sure that he smoked a joint recently. He was very forceful and he did not listen to a single thing I said. His right hand was on my shoulder and it was squeezing the life out of it and when I asked him to move it, he just ignored me. There was NO COMMUNICATION between the patient and the doc. Anyways, so after I got done with the treatment I was handed a bill of $XXX, which was the highest I have ever received for a preventive treatment. I did not bother arguing with them because I realized that they were just overcharging me and there was nothing I could do about it. I just want to warn everyone from Pennsylvania about Fullem Perio. please go to any other clinic but here. Keep doing your research and you will find a good and appropriate clinic to go to.

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