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Fuller Moving Services

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Published: 27 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

The worst experience ever — they destroyed an heirloom marble top cabinet that will cost thousands to replac. They lost a military style steel flat file used for blueprints, 48x40x16 and can’t figure out where a 4 drawer section that takes 3 men to move it went? Every one of my dining chairs either has serious scratches, paint splatters on the inside backs, or are severely scratched on the backs and arms. Also our 24-inch iMac is missing which was my workstation for my graphic design business and the software alone is worth tens of thousands of dollars. Now they say they’ll give 60 cents pre hundred pounds — that’s not going to cut it and is not acceptable. I want full replacement for this custom marble top and the return of my Apple Computer. Also one of our TVs was scratched. | I also discovered that they unpacked and repacked most o my belongings because I packed all of my stuff in wine boxes so that I would be able to lift them myself if I had to. All my bathroom and kitchen things didn’t need to be packed since I had a personal friend help me for days keeping all categories separate. I would NEVER put bathroom stuff with kitchen stuff, or an old dusty metal outdoor candleholder in with kitchen cookware. They are perpetrating a scam against older Americans and my husband is not only a Viet Nam vet but also retired from the navy. This company is totally responsible for destroying a 1.5 in thick custom beveled marble dresser top and all they say is nothing. The lead driver, Glen, was just as surprised as I was to see this marble top destroyed. Their accountant Paula is a real piece of work blaming me for not pay higher insurance coverage but why the hell would I expect such a sloppy careless job when their sales agent made promise to me and my husband in front of my friend that they would take great care of our antiques and property. | They also broke a paper file that held most of my card stock papers for all of the artist books that I make. Plus they tore our waterbed liner on the inside and it took us hours to fine the foam encased water tubes to fill and make up our complete waterbed. This bed cost more than $3,000 so how did they tear the inside liner? We paid them over $16,000. They did not complete the job as we were told that they would not only take the waterbed apart but also put it totally back together in our new home. And as far as clean up — that wasn’t done either. The movers said “we don’t do waterbeds” and they sure didn’t clean up either. As soon as they saw how upset I was at the broken marble top they left and we still have furniture to put in the places they belong. They couldn’t wait to leave an unfinished job, plus all the damage to our household goods. | But what seriously concerns me is that my iMac is missing and has my business and personal information on it — this is called deliberate fraud against me, my social security number, bank accounts and all information that is private and supposed to be protected. But how can you protect yourself against fraudulent businesses who will steal your identity and who knows what else. This horrible experience is not what a 4 stroke survivor needs at my age. They also lost important medications for the 3 weeks that my medical box was missing and very hard to replace certain life saving medications. This company needs to be investigated for fraud, switch and bate contracts and held to account for all losses they have caused people. | This company does not deserve the rating on BBB because it’s a false indication of what an unsuspecting senior may be expecting of a very expensive service.

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