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Published: 12 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Family time is really important for a happy and healthy life. People find different ways to spend quality time with their friends and family. Some people prefer dinner and some love to go to amusements parks and arcades for the same purpose. The arcades were in fashion for a long time but some of these places were reviewed negatively by a lot of customers and now people hesitate in going to such places. If you want to hang out with friends or family time is your priority, you can always go to these places but what if the place you choose is not good at their service? What if the rides in the arcade are dangerous and you are totally unaware? Terrified? Well, you should be careful with this as spending time with your family is important and so is taking them out for a break from the daily hectic routine they follow. Fun Land of Fredericksburg is an amusement park located at the Central Park shopping center. It claims to be the most perfect place for friends and family as it has all types of games; from mini golf to arcade games and go-karts. The park started with the aim to be a source of enjoyment for all age groups. In the very beginning, they were really good but lately, they have degraded their quality considerably. It’s putting the lives of their customers at risk. My son incurred a serious injury because of this park. He was climbing up the clip‘n climb and had a fall from a certain height. Incidents like these can happen anywhere but if the fault is of the park or management, it becomes a serious issue which should not be ignored. Neither the knee pads nor the helmet was good enough to protect a person from such incidents. The management of Fun Land of Fredericksburg should seriously look after the accessories they provide with such games. The worse thing is, I’m not the only victim. One of the families says that they went to the Fun Land with their grandparents as they claim to satisfy all age groups. When they entered the Fun Land and asked about the games for the aged, the manager said all of the games were out of order. Technical issues are a part of the business but you should take care of these issues as soon as possible so that no customer goes dissatisfied. The most reported issue is regarding the environment. Cleanliness is least known to the authorities of Fun Land. A very unhygienic code of conduct is followed with no restrictions on smokers. It is an amusement park for kids too and smoke is injurious to health. They have no rules and regulations. Even if a customer stands up against it and complains to the manager, no action is taken by them. They charge high for the games but their management is highly unprofessional with no sense of responsibility. Family time is important but make sure you choose the right place for it. Go through the reviews of such places and check the place before making any transactions and if you see any of the above-mentioned problems, leave the place and find some other place to spend time.

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