Fundera was a very big scam

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Published: 11 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

A few months ago my friend decided to set up a small scale business in his beautiful backyard and he needed some financial aid and decided to look up various funding agencies and that was when he came across fundera. Fundera had just been advertised and it seemed to be a big enterprise as they were advertising on really big billboards. Seeing that my friend decided to consult them regarding funds and loans for his business. Being his first childhood friend I decided to tag along with him and also because he had asked me to be his business partner. When we visited their office, the first impression itself was bad as the receptionist was very rude. He was not at all helpful and didn’t even bother to show us to the manager’s office even when we asked him to help us out as we couldn’t find it. Then when we met the manager, he spoke well and started explaining all their different policies and funding they did. He started talking about their previous customers and their experience and a lot of unnecessary stories about his customer’s personal life. He randomly started asking us about our personal lives, it was very uncomfortable. When we asked him to tell us more about their policy and how they were willing to help my friend, he said he didn’t know and that it was up to us to decide what we wanted to do. We were very confused by whatever he was talking and so we asked him if they offered loans of small amounts for a small period of time, he said yes. So we decided to go back talk and finalize things with our other business partner and he told us that fundera was a very big scam and they don’t offer any financial support.

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