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Published: 11 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

It was Wednesday when one of my friend came to me and asked me that if I can help him financially since his daughter is not well and his business is also about to end due to incurring huge losses every day. I helped him for the treatment of his daughter. He further asked me that if I could get him more money so that he can start his business. I asked him to have patience and promised him to help him with any such company who lends money for business startups. Therefore, I started looking for such companies so that I can help him. While searching, I got to know about Funding merchant source. They claim to provide funding sources to the businessmen to start up their new business at a very minimal cost.
And these people, they offered to help him, but their terms and conditions were a little twisted and hard to understand. But since they had a good reputation, i just asked my friend to go for them. He took a loan and started up his own business,   an pretty well. And then, they started asking for the money back, as the buisness was quite well.
To our surprise  , their interest rates were so high. Like who on the earth would even pay 20% interest. And these rates dont even exist. My friend had no other option other than paying. All his profits went in paying the loan.
And sadly, his business had to shut down, cause of all this. I regret suggesting him this funding company. And request everyone to never ever get associated with this company, as they will eat you up eventually. And if you want loans, it always safer to ask for a loan from your trusted bank and not these agencies.

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