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Published: 21 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This Office is the Worst Office ever. They Select individuals for their click and then support them. I am at a site where I had a problem with an employee and nothing ws done by the Office. They supported this Officer because The client liked him. This to be is a form of Discriminiation and if anyone is wanting to do a class action lawsuit this would be the one Office it should be. I was made supervisor one time and as I enforced their polices and Handbook to the letter…I was the one punished. I was removed because that’s what they wanted. I did my job and had no issues. The employees loved me. I had one employee that caused many issues and once I addressed it with Documentation I was removed becuase the client didn’t want the Employee removed. This Employee was in trouble many times including Breaking into the clients Main frame system. The Employee was written up by me and nothing was done. The Office at G4S in Cincinnati ohio is the worst place to work. SInce I have left on my own I am suing them because of Discrimination. If you have had any issues then I suggest you report them as well. This Office lost my pay 3 times and it took 2 months to get my funds. I had to scrape to survive. The problem is they are all friends in that Office. They take 2 weeks vacation and the Officers only get 1 week Vacation. Is this fair? No….Vacations should be universal through the company. I hope they shut the doors down becuase they really can’t keep clients. Jim Litchard was a great Area Supervisor until he applied for the GM position that Ryan Krause was going to quit. Then they told him they had to bring someone in to train for his position and then they terminated Jim Litchard. What a Joke they are…. Mike Fields is a thief and should be terminated but since he is buddies with Gary Cole they are hand in hand together all the time and he was promoted mmmm wonder why? Steer clear of this company…they will find a way to work you or fire you. G4S SECURING WHO?

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