Gabel Hair Restoration Center

He is a monster and a scammer.

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Published: 16 July 2019

Posted by: Marlon

Dr. Steven Gabel did a terrible hair transplant on me that messed up my head. When I asked him for a refund, that crook refused my request altogether. His staff refused my claims and denied me any further meetings with the guy. Dr. Gabel shouldn’t even be a doctor because of the kind of work he does. He is a wicked, twisted and negligent doctor who shouldn’t be running a medical clinic. His hair transplant treatment has completely ruined my appearance. Apart from that, the doctors say that they can’t do anything about it as well because of the horrible treatment I have been given. If I had known he is so incompetent and pathetic, I wouldn’t have trusted him with my treatment at all. Instead, I would have chosen to find someone else who at least knows what he is supposed to do. Don’t trust this guy for your treatment in any case. There is a high risk that this guy will botch your treatment too and you will end up with a damaged head.

I had found out about this guy online. His first impression was good and his website along with the online reviews of his practice made it seem like he was the right person for the job. So I got the treatment from him but when I saw the results, I was horrified. The hair implants didn’t last for long and the ones which lasted, they make my head look like a mess. When I confronted Dr. Gabel with this botched procedure, he denied any responsibility from it. According to him, there must’ve been some underlying cause for this stuff to happen. He also told me that it was none of his business. He asked his staff members to escort me out like I was some kind of criminal. I have done nothing wrong. He is the one who botched my treatment and instead of paying for it, he is just calling me a liar. When I tried to contact the guy again, his staff members started avoiding me. They would tell me that he is unavailable or they would start saying that they can’t hear me properly. At one instance, I had gotten an appointment with the guy, which they canceled after they realized that I was an angry patient. This guy has denied any accountability and he doesn’t even respond to my complaint.

He is not a reliable doctor. If he were a serious and trustworthy doctor, he would’ve accepted his faults but instead of doing that, he just denies his responsibility. I understand that he is a crook but I’m afraid that his online reputation is misleading. I’m pretty sure that he has done such heinous acts with other patients too. If I were you, I would avoid this guy and stay miles away from him. Don’t go to him. You can easily find plenty of other doctors who might provide you with a real treatment instead of this crook.

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