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Gabriel Schwartz is so pathetic you won’t believe he’s for r

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Published: 16 August 2017

Posted by: James S. White

Gabriel Schwartz is originally from Pennsylvania and lives in Southampton now. He lives with his parents and speaks Hebrew and English. This man is a pathetic loser. I dated him for a few months in 2014, and he is still after me. Every New Year, he will make fake accounts on social media and send me messages. The calls, texts and emails don’t ever stop. He will try his best to get your friends and family to give him new contact information so that he can stalk you.
He filed for bankruptcy after he finished his undergrad, and the only work experience he’s had is working as a waiter at Morton’s Steakhouse. He’s trying the same deal to get his graduate degree now. He will also by broken things, save receipts from previous purchases and try to get free new stuff. He does this on Craigslist, Walmart and Ikea. Plus he got free surgery done as a charity case!
He still lives with his parents because no woman wants him. He has one friend. And he’s extremely narcissistic. He’s been going around saying he’s a DJ, and lying that he works in pharmaceuticals other times.
Schwartz cheated on his ex-wife, who’s now remarried. Even after they were done, he would send her letters at her work, because he didn’t have the balls to send it to her house. He’s threatened her and her entire family with suicide and was institutionalized too, at one point.
He loves to talk, and will start out like the perfect guy. Cards, romantic gestures, someone who shares your interests… the whole deal. Then when you try to break up with him, he will literally cry and beg. And then the violence hits you.
Schwartz doesn’t care that I have moved on with my boyfriend now. He still continues to send me abusive texts and voicemails. You really want to do your background check on this guy, ladies.

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