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Published: 28 December 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

My account was banned having a game name called “commie_bastards”. I was given instructions on how to have my account reinstated. I followed those instructions but it has been made impossible by the person who banned me to get my account reinstated. The instructions were to go the the forum –> my profile– > change name –> Pm game master, inform him the name has been changed and ask for reinstatement. When I try to PM the game master it says in large font “Sorry, you don’t have permission for that!” below that it says, “You are not permitted to view member profiles.” So I try to post for help on the forum by clicking, “War Thunder – Official Forum” link –> “General Discussion” or “Community Technical Support”–> there is a message in the top right that says–> “You cannot start a new topic”. When I click on a thread it says –> “You cannot reply to this topic” So basically I cannot reactivate my account AT ALL. It’s as if someone put a muzzle over my mouth. I realize this is a free to play game with the option of purchasing items to advance quicker in the game. here are a list of money you have made off of me that I have copy & pasted off my Paypal account. Sep 6, 2014 Payment To GAIJIN NETWORK LTD Completed -€12.53 EUR Sep 16, 2014 Payment To GAIJIN NETWORK LTD Complete -$25.02 USD Sep 23, 2014 Payment To GAIJIN NETWORK LTD Complete -$115.00 USD That adds up to around $160. That’s a pretty good little score you got off one person, in 3 weeks time, considering a traditional game can be purchased for 1/3 of the price. This is how you treat paying customers? I realize you are a Russian company and it’s common knowledge (in game and on the forums) that you are heavily bias towards Russian (imaginary) planes that have been made to dominate all other nations. What I did not realize is that the name “commie_b*******” would be so offensive that it would ban me and it would be called something else. When word gets out there that you rule your game with an Iron Fist, I’m sure people will be hesitant to risk spending money. (the above is my complaint on War thunder Facebook page) I have since tried to resolve the matter with Gaijin support but to no avail.) When I made all 3 purchases my name was Commie_b*******. They had no problem taking my money with that name. After my money was transfered to their account they decided they did not like the name. The best example I can give of my situation with Gailin is.. Imagine you go to the store and buy a $160 worth of items. The manager is offended by your T-shirt. He sees you walk in with the T-shirt and says nothing until you check out and the money is in the register. As you are walking out, he grabs the bag from your hand and tells you to leave. You stand your ground and tell him you will not leave without your money. The manager stuffs a sock your mouth and kicks you out. No much of a difference in my situation except Gaijin is shielded by the internet and geographical location and U.S. laws. .

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