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Published: 11 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

It was Monday and I was in my office when my son called me that he had met an accident. I became very worried and immediately rushing towards him but before I could leave he quoted me that he’s absolutely fine but the vehicle he was driving was in really bad condition. He quoted me that the other driver was drunk and he just pushed my car from the back side. I couldn’t control this sudden jerk and therefore this accident happened.
My son was very scared, as the vehicle was new, and was quite expensive. I told him that we had   the vehicle so there is no need of worry. And then when we went to the insurance company, they told us that they cant help us,  and i just went like what?
I asked them the reason behind that, he was like such damages arent covered under their policy. I mean, is an accident not covered under your policy is that what you are telling me? Then what does an insurance cover?
They gave a list of damages that their insurance covers, and let me tell you those damages dont even need any insurance coverage. I was so mad at them, and asked them to cancel my 3 year insurance linkage with them, as i did not wanted to waste any more money by paying their insurances.
They said that is not possible and that i will have to continue the insurance. I got mad at them and told i want no more relation with them and they told that if i didnt pay the insurance, they had the right to take away the vehicle from me. I had no choice but to pay them for another 2 years. Such a waste of money!

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