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Published: 22 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Galactic Towing Inc DBA Fuzz Wrecker Service tows away cars using a procedure that is not in compliance of the State of Florida’s general provisions regarding the towing away of cars from private property to later blackmail car owners if they want their car back. Galactic Towing towed away my car without notifying the municipal police department about it(according to Florida law, they should notify the Police Department within 30 minutes of completion of the towing (F.S. 715.07(2))). I left my car in a parking lot between a McDonalds and a store in Sunny Isles (the parking lot is from both locals), I went into the store for 13 minutes and when I came back, my car was no longer there. Then I saw this guy in a truck taking away more cars and asking about mine “Yeah, I just towed it away it’s parked in a lot next to us, you either pay me and I’ll bring it here or you’ll have to pay the company (Galactic Towing) and it’s gonna be worst”. I told him to bring back my car and he told me to wait there, so I went back into the store to inform the owner, and when we went back out, the guy had taken my car to the company’s location, which is really far away from Sunny Isles. I started calling them and the man on the phone told me to get there and pay if I wanted my car back. A good samaritan that saw me crying gave me a ride and when I got there (it’s like a really creepy lot full of junk cars) I saw my car and went straight where it was (I still had my keys). So this guy came out and told me to gave him my licence and documents which I refused to because they have no legal rights to do that. So they locked me up there (4 MAN and me A FOREIGN WOMAN BY HERSELF) and we argued for about an hour. They told me they were CONSIDERING me because the car was under my uncle’s name and the legal procedure to return it to me was calling him (my uncle) and making him go there and release the car. So in the end this really rude a*holes made me pay 104 dollars (cash) and no receipt (because of what I explained before of the car’s ownership). In the beggining I wasn’t scared but pest, but then I started thinking they could rape me or something, I even thougt about my family back home and just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. I have pictures, I have names (ROBERTO TAPIA from Cuba is the owner) and I remember everything they told me. After searching online about the company I found that I am not the only person being blackmailed by Galactic Towing DBA Fuzz Wrecker Service. I think its time for the Authorities to investigate Galactic’s way of doing business to avoid more harm to the community. Most people dont have either the knowledge, the money or the time to know that there are legal procedures and regulations that the tow away business needs to follow. Camila Miami, Florida U.S.A.

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