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Scam! Please watch out!

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Published: 20 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

To release all the stress and have a break from the daily routine, some time with friends and family is important. Some families and friends choose theatres to be a place for such activities. It not only releases stress but gives you a chance to spend time with your loved ones. Let’s say you decided to go to a movie with friends and you are very excited about it. You go to the theatre and ask for popcorns and a drink but after listening to the price, you are shocked. What will you do now? Obviously, you cannot go home since you have bought an expensive ticket to the movie already. The whole excitement factor reduces to nothing and all you think about the loss you had just for one plan. This might be astonishing but there are such theatres that charge a lot but their services need to be improved desperately. Among such names, you will come across Galaxy Theatres.
Galaxy Theatre was established in Toronto, Canada and expanded to different states like Nevada and Riverbank. It was great with its services but now they are messed up. I had a terrible experience with these guys and I found out, I’m not the only one. People are not satisfied with their showtimes, pricing, and most of all food. Poor customer service has made it harder for people to trust them. Because of their bad customer services, they cannot attract more customers and currently, they have spoiled their reputation too.
When I went there, I saw the lack of a clean and hygienic environment. The halls are not as clean as they should be. As soon as I entered the hall, a smell hit me and my friends. I was shocked to see that the management of that place has not cleaned the hall after the show had ended two hours ago. All the dirt and wrappers were still in the area and it was the most unhygienic experience I had till now. I also realized that I’m not the only victim of this place.
A group of friends wanted to be at the first show of their favorite movie star. They were high school students and they had a specific budget. They referred to the website of the Galaxy Theatre. They were satisfied with their pricing and went there for the show all the friends had to face embarrassment. The ticket price was higher than the one shown on their website. The reason given by the volunteer was absurd as he said the prices shown were for weekends only. They somehow managed it for the sake of movie but they went for the popcorns and nachos, they could not buy anything more than beverages as everything was expensive and they had already paid a lot for the tickets.
Theatres like Galaxy Theatres should focus on the customer service because if you have any issues with the services, only a good customer support executive can help you handle angry customers. Unfortunately, every customer who complained about the hygiene or pricing issue had no or very rude responses. Business is not just about earning a handsome profit but it is also about satisfying your customers and it is about time that Galaxy Theatres realized that.

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