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Published: 16 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Game Day Media told me that they would donate money to the high school I went to. Later I was told the true by a sales employee that they keep all the money to themselves. | When I was on the phone with the sales employee the training manager (I was told his name is Jake) was yelling and swearing at the sales reps. | I placed my order, confirmed my ad and then found out a few months later that the sales rep that helped me had been let go because he was being too nice to the customers and because he asked them to treat him with respect. | I called Game Day Media and ask them to stop my ad and refund my money as my ad had not gone to print and they refused to do so. They stated they had paid money to my high school already and did the work. I am investigating to find out if the school actually receives the money they promise to give them and will update this report later with my findings. | I told them I did not want my name associated with an organization whom treated their sales force that way and asked to receive a refund and take my ad out. | They continuted to tell me that they would not refund my money, even through it had not gone to print. They did not even offer me back part of my money. That is bad customer service. I have since talked to a few of their past sales reps and they all confirm that it is a bad environment to work in. I also noticed an article on here from a past employee.

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